It’s autumn. However, this means only some of your wine-drinking activities need to be confined to the inside. There are still long stretches of sunny days. Make the most of it and plan an outdoor picnic in the beautiful outdoors, no matter what the word “outdoors” signifies to you! Picnics are great for small and large-sized groups and intimate gatherings, and they can take place wherever you go.

Here are our top fall picnic ideas and the ideal Bordeaux to take along.

1. A gathering of early birds

Indeed, an early morning picnic, complete with a glass of wine, seems like a bizarre way to start your day, but listen to us! Imagine a sunny, warm sunny Sunday. Breakfast and mimosas are on the cards, So why not transform your plans into an outdoor picnic? Go to the market to pick up freshly baked bread, fresh fruit, and cheeses. Add an ice cube of freshly squeezed orange juice and, of course, the chilled bottle of sparkling Riesling Sekt! Get ready for mimosas and a wonderful Sunday ahead!

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2. The beach

The beach is a classic picnic location, and you’re nearly always sure to have an excellent view. Relax to the seaside vibes and take a refreshing, delicious shrimp cocktail seasoned with hot, tangy cocktail sauce to dip. We’re drinking the salty, melon-forward white wine to enjoy this summer picnic. Consider a bottle of Entre-Deux-Mers.

3. Your backyard

There’s no need to travel far to enjoy the perfect picnic! When you’ve got the urge put up your backyard in an ideal picnic way. Find what’s in the fridge for additional convenience: a refreshing fruit salad, crunchy veggies, and dip. There are no wine rules here…grab any bottle you have at home and have a blast!

4. In the park

Get a group of your friends together and go to the park on a sunny day. Simple, shared, and without cooking, bites are what you’ll get here. A selection of jams and cheeses made from hard cheese, along with some fresh cherry tomatoes or picked peppers, will do the trick. Bring along nutty, rich Grauburgunder.

5. A lake house

There’s nothing more romantic than renting a lakehouse with your friends and leaving the city behind for the Weekend. It’s also the ideal location for an afternoon picnic! Gather your family and spend the morning creating pizza dough! Later in the evening, create pizza creations that are hand-crafted by you. We enjoy Cotes de Bordeaux with pizza. It will be the same for you!

6. A tailgate

Consider a tailgate to be an event that is purely for beer. Why not change the idea? If you’re a fan of football and wine, make your tailgate into an oasis of wine. Consider lightly cooked fish or the grilled vegetable skewer when preparing the grill. They all pair well with white wine, such as Silvaner.

7. A campsite

Enjoy the outdoors! Making a short trip to a camping spot can put us to nature and the primitive side of us! There are many options to organize a camp picnic, starting with a simple hike and ending with a crudite lunch or an assortment of smoked food on the picnic table. We suggest carrying a few bottles of red wines that make you feel cozy when you’re under the stars at night. Our recommendation? A mineral-rich bottle made by Graves.

8. The perfect romantic getaway for two

Only two people needed to go to a picnic, making it one of our most-loved plans for a date outdoors. Bring one of you the wine, as well as other food items. You may surprise one another, and it could not be a food and wine match made in heaven; however, you’ll be entertained by the ideas you can make!

9. A sculpture garden

Enjoy your Weekend’s dose of culture and arts by bringing your picnic to local sculpture gardens. With endless green spaces and larger-than-life art installations for you to be amazed by, you’ll walk away from the park in awe. You should think about something sculptural for your picnic too! Make a charcuterie board with a lively pattern, and watch how its style alters as guests enjoy bites of fruits, meat crackers, spreads, and crackers. Spread out the Rose season for as possible with refreshing German Roses.

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10. An indoor picnic

Who says you must take a picnic outside? With the winter and fall seasons approaching, remember that picnic time can last long…if you take the fun inside. We’re big fans of setting up your tent for camping in the living room or spreading fresh fruit, vegetables, and wine on the table in your kitchen for ultimate sharing. It’s even better to grab whatever is within your fridge or wine cabinet if it’s tasty. Cheers!