Many architects, engineers, and workers have to bear the cost of choosing products that don’t meet Australian construction standards. After all, it’s a matter of safety. You can choose James Hardie’scladding for the best protection and aesthetic features of your modern house. Look for the best functional features of the material and purchase from an authentic retailer. Contact the professional for residential cladding purposes as they know how to install and fix cladding to your whole house.

Below is the list of reasons to choose Hardie cladding for your home to protect it from external forces or weather conditions.

Perfect for Australian weather

The cladding works as a protective shield or protective layer around the house. It increases the life of your house and helps it to stay protected from harsh weather. James Hardie cladding is weather resistant and prevents your house exterior from rainfall, heat, hailstorms, or other natural elements to a maximum extent.

Fire resistant feature

The specialized cladding prevents you from bushfire attacks and the level requirement is about BAL40 with a fire rating of 60 minutes. You can activate the HardieSmart wall system to resist fire.

Rot, moisture, and termite resistant

Prefer a premium quality James Hardie cladding to ensure protection from rot, mixture, and termites.

Thermal efficiency

The cladding makes your home insulated according to the temperature and weather. It can help reduce your energy bills and works like a high-performing insulation provider.

Design flexibility

The material provides major flexibility features in design preference. James Hardie’s external cladding doesn’t block much floor space like bricks. It provides an appropriate thick layer for wall protection.

Appear like timber

Jamie Hardie’s scion cladding is in trend to make weatherboards from fiber cement. You can easily install it and provide a timber wood appearance to your house walls. Fibre cement allows you to get a timber look without material shrinking, swelling, and warping.

Suitable for all home styles

There are various types of textures and you can arrange them in multiple ways. James Hardie vertical cladding looks attractive for residential houses. You can use the cladding independently or combined for a modern, classic look at the house exterior.

Extensive color availability

You will observe that there are huge color selections available to match your cladding with the house theme and wall color preference. Colors also impact the look, style, and appearance of your home. Select a perfect color combination for your home cladding.

Wide choice available in design

There are wide choices available for the house owner to prefer vertical James Hardie cladding or scyon cladding, timber style, geometric look, or shady look with perfect suitability. It all depends on the house type and structure with design ability. You can take advice from landscape designers or house cladding architects as they can assist you with the best installation design, color, and choice preference.

Easy and speedy installation

Scyon fiber cement is easier to install and provides better protection to your house walls. You can research well and read about scion cladding reviews or feedback from previous customers.

The above-mentioned reasons are enough to choose James Hardie cladding for your home in Australia.


Never forget the budget in the process and enquire about the James Hardie cladding price for your house. It usually depends on the structure, size, and preference of cladding. You can ask for the proposed price for cladding from the company. It allows you to plan your material and style preferences within the budget.