The ultimate beginner’s guide to wavy wigs and how to care for them! In this blog, journey through the locks of wavy hair while exploring the heavy Black Friday discounts My Parfait has for you this festive season. These deals are the perfect chance to achieve that wavy hair look on a budget to look fabulous always. 

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned wavy hair wig master, these tips and tricks will help your wig journey this holiday season. Here is wavy lace front wig 101:

What Is A Wavy Hair Wig?

Wavy Hair Elegance
Wavy Hair Elegance

Hair that sits between straight and curly is wavy. Like curly hair, wavy human hair wigs also have certain curl styles that define their curl, ranging from 2A, 2B, and 2C. From tight, curly, wavy wigs to open and slightly tousled wigs, there are textures for all your needs. 

Wavy lace front wigs look natural and are the easiest to care for in terms of all the colors in the market. Therefore, they are an excellent choice if you need something relatively low maintenance but equally high in volume as a curly wig.

How To Care For A Wavy Hair Wig

Caring For Wavy Hair
Caring For Wavy Hair

Proper care is essential for a wavy hair wig to hold its wave. Here is how to do that:


A deep wash for your wavy wig is essential to keep wavy bob wig looking healthy and shiny. A clarifying and gentle shampoo, without sulfates and alcohol, is ideal. Use the shampoo only on the crown and not the rest of the hair, as too much can leave the hair feeling dry. 


Use a generous amount of your conditioner or a hair mask on your ends and rinse it off with cold water after letting it sit for 2-3 minutes. 

While the conditioner sits, comb through your ends using your fingers gently.  

The Health Of Your Wavy Hair Wig

Wavy Hair, Don't Care
Wavy Hair, Don’t Care


While these steps are great for keeping your wavy lace front wig healthy at home, investing in a care package for your hair or visiting a hairstylist often to get frequent trims is essential for the longevity of your wig. 

There are global hair brands like My Parfait that offer various care packages, from deluxe to signature care packages, offering services like lace re-tints, deep washes, and re-stylings depending on the package you choose that are made affordable because of the festive season and Black Friday. Check them out and give your wig the self-care day it deserves!


A wavy human hair wig will make sure you look your best, always. It is also essential that you care for it in the right way. With these tips you and your wig are sure to shine. 

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