PING Golf’s bread-and-butter is, no doubt, in the research and development of driver heads, not in shafts. In fact, when you hear the words “PING golf shafts” you’re more than likely looking at some aftermarket option.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but when you’re swinging a premium driver like a PING G425 or G425 Max, it pays to pair it with a shaft that will flatter its performance.

So let’s take a look at some of these.

Fujikura PRO 2.0 Shafts
Fujikura PRO 2.0 shafts frequently make lists of “recommended” PING golf shafts, especially for G425 drivers.

The Fujikura PRO 2.0 line offers both high performance and high playability, something unique in a line of premium golf shafts.

They’re made with 40-ton high-modulus carbon fiber and with maximum fiber content as well as a high-inertia tip (or H.I.T.).

But this is technical talk. The takeaway for golfers is that Fujikura PRO 2.0 shafts are designed to deliver more effective loading on the downswing that in turn generates more clubhead speed.

Fujikura has also engineered greater torsional stiffness in them that translates to greater control over short dispersion and more accurate shot placement.

These are definitely traits that can complement the greatness of PING G425 drivers – and moreover, they’re suitable for players of all skill levels.

Aldila ROGUE White Shafts
Aldila’s ROGUE White shafts also make lists of best “PING golf shafts.” These shafts, which are available in a range of stiffness ratings, are engineered to deliver mid-launch and low-spin profiles.

They are made with DIALEAD pitch fiber which is known for its remarkable strength and mechanical properties, which result in a stiffer, more stable shaft that resists deformation through the swing.

These shafts also feature thicker walls toward the butt section of the shaft which create a higher balance point and a lighter swing weight – both of which features converge to enable higher clubhead speeds.

Aldila ROGUE White shafts also feature NexGen Micro Laminate Technology (MLT) which improves the density and consistency of prepreg plies, eliminating dead zones and creating a shaft that is overall much more consistent.

Extremely stable and remarkably consistent, Aldila ROGUE White shafts are engineered to deliver reliable performance in a surprising range of shaft flex ratings.

Which means – whatever your swing speed and tempo are – if you’re swinging a PING driver, there’s an Aldila ROGUE White for you.

Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Raw Orange Shafts
Last but certainly not least we have the Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Raw Orange line of driver shafts which are also often fronted as great PING golf shafts – even though they’re not technically PING shafts.

These gems from MCA are engineered to deliver mid-launch, low-spin profiles, just like the Aldila ROGUE Whites.

They’re also designed for strength and consistency, with a “low resin content” (L.R.C.) prepreg material that is denser with carbon fiber than those of competitors, making it thinner and stronger without adding bulk.

These shafts also make use of MCA’s Aluminum Vapor (AV) Deposition process, which deposits a thin layer of aluminum on the surface of each shaft, which adds strength and stability but almost no weight, helping to prevent shaft deformation during the swing.

These shafts are also engineered for consistency and control over shot dispersion while producing low-spin, mid-launch shot profiles that carry – something most if not all golfers can appreciate.

Discover Other Options in PING Golf Shafts
While these three highlights make great PING golf shafts for most golfers, the only way to know for sure which shafts will work for you is to work with a golf club fitter.

Work with a golf club fitter in your area or visit Dallas Golf Company at their retail location in Dallas to find the PING golf shafts that work perfectly for you.

Their professional fitters will work with you, patiently, to determine your needs and baseline skillset before suggesting clubs that are perfectly curated to your unique requirements.

Visit their website for more information via the link above or get in touch with them at 800-955-9550.

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