Sports betting may find one of the best things in the modern world anywhere in sports. Since we were young children, sports have surrounded us and even brought us all together. Numerous sporting events take place each year that never stop giving their viewers hours of excitement. Sports have a similar impact in Malaysia, and to add some spice, many join online betting sites like Asaa88 to place bets on their preferred teams or matches to win alongside them in their ways. These are the top 10 sports in Malaysia that you should be alert of if you wish to put bets on them.

Soccer and football

Soccer is one of the most famous sports in Malaysia, and it is almost everyone’s favourite hobby. Thus, most sports enthusiasts would select soccer as their preferred sport. Not only that, but people also want to play soccer, which frequently necessitates local competitions and more.

  • Soccer is one of the oldest games in Malaysia, making it one of the foundation sports in Malaysia’s affiliation with sports. Although English men first introduced football to Malaysia in the past, the locals quickly took to it and frequently delighted in playing the game.
  • Despite not being the national sport of the nation, it is regarded as the most well-known in Malaysia, giving the impression that it is. This is another reason why many people enjoy placing wagers on soccer games. If you’re wondering what the types of soccer bets are, Asaa88 is the solution!


Cricket is another well-known game that comes with equipment and is likely a favourite among most Malaysians. In reality, football/soccer and cricket are two of the most famous sports in the world, which heightens the excitement around them, particularly during world cup seasons. This also implies that cricket and soccer are the two sports on which most gamblers place their bets.


Cockfighting is a long-standing sport that is popular throughout the world. It is practised as a common event in some countries, while it is prohibited by law in others. Supporters cite this traditional pastime’s cultural and religious significance as a justification for it becoming a sport. Whatever the cause, cockfighting on the internet has gained popularity among the general public, notably in Malaysia and Singapore.

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In conclusion

These are the top 3 sports in Malaysia because they are entertaining to watch and make you proud of your favourite player or team. In light of this, sign up with Online betting in Malaysia right now to put bets on your favourite teams or players and win extra money with them if you want to participate in the game rather than merely watch it from the sidelines. To do this, join Asaa88, Asia’s top online betting site, where you can sign up and receive fantastic sign-up bonuses.