Water treatment is an engineering process that helps water to return to its natural state, making it suitable for required use. Industries often require heavy use of water but utilizing fresh water reserves is not feasible, which is why used water (commercial and domestic purposes) is treated and is then distributed for industry use. Major industries hire water treatment plants to provide them with services including testing, chemical or biological treatment in order to efficiently use water. Here are the three basic services offered. wastewater treatment plant performance monitoring Malaysia

1. Legionella Testing and Evaluation

Cooling towers in industries are open systems that have a high chance of being infiltrated with bacteria. Water in the towers is usually warm during the summers, which is why it is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. This water is also intact with the environment and if left untreated, it could cause environmental issues affecting human health. However, before the water can be treated, it must be tested to understand the level of bacteria involved. Once the testing is conducted, it can be easier to conjure a chemical or biological handling of the water. Facilities or industries that do not conduct Legionella testing tend to over feed biocide in the systems. This is detrimental to the systems and causes an increase in maintenance cost. wastewater treatment plant performance monitoring Johor

2. Water Treatment Consultants

Companies providing industrial treatment of water always provide their customers with efficient consultation before taking on any project. They will ensure that the customer gets adequate information about heating and cooling systems along with the chemical processes needed to treat water. With consultation services, customers can understand the cost factor behind the mechanical process of testing and chemical treatment. With this understanding, they can even lower their annual cost and thus have an improved system through expert analysis. In cases of water system maintenance, this also proves to be very beneficial. Lease wastewater treatment plant malaysia

3. Corrosion Coupon Studies

Water systems often have high corrosion rates. If not effectively monitored, the systems can lead to heavy maintenance and repair costs. One of the main services offered by such companies is that of corrosion testing and evaluation. Test coupons are one of the inexpensive means of monitoring levels of corrosion. This is done by observing the mils-per-year corrosion rate of coupons in the system. When corrosions are timely detected, repairing can be done effectively without going through extensive cost factors.