If you are looking for a fun and effective physical activity to tone your muscles and burn those extra calories after the holidays, cycling is the best bet! Since it is a low-impact activity, it doesn’t put too much strain on your muscles and is a fun way to begin your fitness journey. Cycling increases your muscle strength, improves posture, cardiovascular health and joint mobility, and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. However, have you ever wondered why most people leave this fun, time-efficient, and intense activity too soon despite its innumerable benefits? It’s the Bicycle seat cushion which is the main culprit that causes discomfort to the cyclists who spend long hours on the bike to achieve their fitness goal or enjoy a ride in nature.

To make things work, you can follow some simple steps to make your cycling experience a lot more comfortable and joyous.

Incorporate Physical Activity in Your Routine: If you are just starting your biking journey, it is important that your muscles and core is strong enough to enjoy the ride and make the most of this experience. You can engage in stretching, strengthening and relaxation exercises throughout the week to strengthen your cervical spine and arm so that your body is well-prepared for the drastic change.


Keep a Watch on Your Bike Components: It is of utmost importance to choose the right size and frame for your bicycle to make the most of this fun activity. The right frame would help align your body in the right posture while riding and also enhance comfort by managing the pressure points. Once this is sorted, you can focus on the saddle, handlebars, cleats, and  Peloton bicycle accessories.

Choose the Right bicycle Seat Cushion: If your saddle is not at all comfortable, no matter how expensive your bike is, it would be of no use! It is important to choose your bicycle seat cushion wisely depending upon the weight, gender, type of bike, annual mileage, flexible padding, and most importantly, the area of your sit bones. If you are planning to cycle regularly, you should consider getting your bike customized according to all the criteria mentioned above.

Today, there are innumerable options in the market that promise comfortable seating owing to advanced technologies. If you are looking for a comfortable ride, you can have a look at Ergo21 bicycle cushions that are crafted using state-of-the art LiquiCell technology. Also, suitable for gym cycle seat cushions, this bicycle seat cushion reduces fatigue, tailbone pain, and numbness after a long ride. The technology is based on water-filled membranes that let your body glide by reducing the vertical pressure on your sit bones. It alleviates hip pain and groin pain, and improves blood flow and circulation by 150%. These are suitable for electric bikes, spinning, beach cruisers, etc.

Once you understand the simple steps that would help you elevate your biking experience, it’s time to understand how you can make the most of your cycle seat cushion to enhance your comfort while riding.


  1. Offers the Right Cushioning & Support: Choose the seat cushion wisely. Ask yourself a few questions – how often will you ride the bicycle? How many hours are you planning to ride a cycle? Do you have back pain issues? Once you are clear with your answers, choose the best seat cushion available in the market. Take feedback from your friends and family and go with the one that suits all your requirements. Your cycle seat cushion must offer you sufficient support. Ergo21 seat cushion is designed keeping in mind the excessive pressure on your sit bones that comes in use while cycling. The LiquiCell technology of these cushions manages the pressure and promises great cushioning so that you can enjoy your ride for hours without any pain. The seat has a drawstring to hold the cushion in the right place.  A cushioned seat minimizes the vibrations on the road and ensures a smooth ride.

Corrects Your Posture: With proper cushioning, you tend to sit in the right posture while riding the bicycle. A good seat cushion allows you to keep your spine in a straight line, which in turn, reduces the strain from the sit bones and allows you to ride the bike for hours. Peloton cycle accessories play a crucial role in achieving the right posture for a comfortable ride. Your gear should be customized as per your height, weight, and area where you are positioned while riding. Once all this is sorted, there is no chance of any discomfort.


Option of Customization: The right seat cushion would also include features like customization so that you can set the seat cushion as per your changing weight. Any product that offers you the option of personalization is a must-have! Certain products are versatile and can be used as a gym cycle seat cushion. Look out for other features, such as easy care and maintenance, affordability, etc. before making the decision.