How to choose the right self storage in Alexandria? Well, there are no wrong or right storage pods. All you have to do is choose one that matches all your self-storage criteria. Due to the increase in moving, the demand for storage rentals has also increased. Nowadays you will find tonnes of self-storage pods everywhere across the country. But not all of them are the ones you are looking for. Often, we make mistakes when renting a storage pod and end up renting a bad one. And we will talk about how to avoid doing that in the following blog post.

Things not to do when renting a storage unit:

There are plenty of storage rentals available almost in every neighbourhood in Australia. As per the 2021 data, the growth of self-storage rentals has increased from 15% to 20%. And hence, it has become more difficult to find a storage pod that feels just right for your requirements. And for that, you should avoid doing the following:

MISTAKE#1 Focuses only on the price.

Though it is not bad looking over storage rentals’ prices online, relying solely on them can be a huge blunder. Most people look for a cheap storage solution for their extra belongings. But let us tell you that not all cheap storage facilities are good ones. Some can be a scam too. Hence, always look for reviews when renting a storage facility. If the price seems too good to be true, there must be some issues. The storage provider may ask you for more money than the charges on the internet.

MISTAKE#2 Choosing a storage pod located in an inconvenient location.

You should look for a storage rental near your location. It will offer you the convenience of putting items in a self-storage pod. You do not have to travel far for this, which will also save you fuel costs. But if you only consider the deals or reviews of the unit over the distance from your place, it can cost you more. Although you can choose it if you have a car for travelling far to store items.

MISTAKE#3 Not buying the belongings insurance.

Most people think that buying insurance coverage for storage rental will burden their budget. But let us tell you that it will do the opposite. When you store your items in a storage pod, it does not guarantee you complete safety. Even though there are 24/7 CCTV surveillance and manual security, your items can get damaged, i.e., weather damage. But when you have a self-storage insurance policy purchased, you can stay worriless about your unit. If something happens to your items during their storage rental time, you will get compensation.

MISTAKE#4 Not reading the rental agreement.

It is a must for everyone to read the agreement before signing it. But often, we overlook the facts and loosely check the contract. Well, you should not do this when renting a storage unit. Though most storage rentals offer transparent pricing, you should still read the contract. If you see that things are missing or newly added to the contract, ask the team about it or look for another rental.

Cannot understand how to find good self storage in Alexandria? Well, there are plenty of them. And hence, you should look for one that matches your needs the most. And we hope this blog post will help you with that.