15 Best Project Management Tools for Every Project Managers in 2022

Streamlining workflows and organizing tasks using digital solutions has become a standard practice for businesses. Task management software is designed to serve this objective in the domain of project management. It enables users to handle and organize daily tasks, team members, and work with great flexibility. The criteria for each tool depend on the organization, its needs, and requirements, as well as work processes. A range of features, ease of use, reliability, security, and expense can greatly affect your choice of management tools. Here are discussed the key features of project management software that you should keep in mind while looking for an ideal digital solution.

Key Features of Right Project Management Software

Good project management software has a combination of essential functions that set them apart and give them the ability to automate work processes, manage teams more effectively, and enable them to work collaboratively. Below are the must-have features of the right project management software.

Task List

The top task management tools make it simple for you and your team to organize and manage daily to-do lists. This feature enables you to organize task lists and make everything manageable. Having a clear idea of completed and uncompleted tasks keeps you and the team on the same page and staying more focused on achieving shared goals.


Enhancing team productivity is the main benefit of project management tools. It enables the workforce to communicate and collaborate without concern whether they are in the same office space or working across global offices. By making communication easier, improving brainstorming sessions with remote employees, and providing them a space to share documents and files, it enables companies to be more productive than ever.

Time Tracking

The ability to manage time using task management software helps the team operate more productively, which is one of its main advantages. You can also view the total amount of time that employees spend on each project, which may help them manage their workloads more skillfully and remain productive while working on their allocated responsibilities.


With so many things on the list, it is only natural to get confused in sorting out tasks on priority. An efficient task management software can help with that by allowing the option for prioritizing tasks. A good tool should be able to provide a mechanism to specify such priorities along with the tasks. This helps in completing urgent work first and speeding up the implementation of the critical stages of the project.