The experts of Vastu Shastra consider it a scientific discipline. It’s the science of direction, a lifestyle, and a code by which many abide for success in love, work, life, and studies.


Do you want to score a higher grade on your exams? Watch this Vastu Shastra video, and find the answers to any questions below.

1.    Where Should I Set Up My Prep Station According to Vastu?

Your prep station should be located in your room’s north or east zone so you’re facing away from these zones. Your back should be facing the north and east direction. As for the room, it should face the north or northeast section of your home.

2.    How Will This Affect My Studies?

Vastu Shastra says that having your back to the east and north side of your home can improve your focus, so you can spend more time prepping and less time procrastinating or woolgathering. This will culminate in a better score and, ultimately, success. In Vastu terms, the north is governed by Kubera, the god of wealth and prosperity, and is, therefore, a promising location for a prep station.

3.    Is There an Auspicious Time to Study for Your Exams?

According to Vastu, there isn’t an auspicious time to study, but you should stick to daylight hours when you’re most productive. Find when your concentration is at its highest to study smart, not hard. When in doubt, stick to the odds, which dictate the most successful learning hours are between 10 in the morning and two in the afternoon.

4.    What is the Worst Direction for Studying?

While the northeast is the ideal location for a study room and the north or east is the ideal positioning for a study table, you don’t have to implement these directions to a T for an improved score.


While you can move a bit to your right or left, keep away from the south zone if you’re studying for something that doesn’t have to do with physical education. That direction is considered auspicious for students who like meditating and are interested in sports.

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Ek Raah Or Sahi Disha Jo Zindagi Badal De

About The Author

The author is an Indian-American Vastu expert who began her Vastu Shastra research during the pandemic’s peak. She has since relocated to a more Vastu-friendly location and rearranged her new home according to this spiritual science. This is her first guest blog on the topic.