Surrogacy as a process has evolved over the years with the introduction of new methods and techniques. Moreover, the implementation of these technologies is largely been seen in developed countries like USA. Hence, if you are trying to plan a fully fledged surrogacy at surrogate clinics in USA, you are surely on the right path.

That said, it is highly crucial for one to understand the diversified surrogacy laws in USA which are administered on state to state basis. So, as you plan to proceed with your surrogacy journey in the country, stay wary of the following facts beforehand.

  1. Surrogacy laws vary on state to state basis

In USA, surrogacy laws are managed on state levels. It means that while one state may approve surrogacy as a legal arrangement, other may seem it as an illegal act. Thus, it is really important for you to connect with best surrogacy clinics in USA that comes along with a penal of legal experts

This way, you interest will be protected regardless of the state you are pursuing surrogacy at. On the other side, if you are looking for heterosexual surrogacy or single parent surrogacy USA, you got to deal with the legal procedures regarding pre-birth order or post birth order. Moreover, given the long list of procedures and tasks in the surrogacy program, the same agency would be able to help you from start to end.

Moreover, if you are pursuing surrogacy for HIV USA, the intended parents as well as the surrogate mother must clear through a list of tests and diagnosis. This is to ensure that the future child is free from any kind of health issues.

  1. Surrogacy comes at a cost

Surrogacy cost USA is quite higher in comparison to other countries like Kenya, Ukraine, Georgia and even Colombia. So, while making plans regarding surrogacy in USA, take the same into consideration. Talking about the cost aspect, a standard surrogacy program may make you pay around $150000 to $350000.

Besides, the same cost would go higher in case a sperm donor or an egg donor is been hired for the surrogacy program. Besides, even in the case of surrogacy for HIV USA, you may have to bear the higher cost of surrogacy program, given the list of tests and diagnosis involved in the overall program.

One may argue the higher costs involved, however, if you look at the standard of medical services in USA, you would find it just right with the cost.

surrogacy journey in USA

  1. Understanding the concept of pre-birth order and post-birth order

It’s a common misconception that proving parentage, at least legally, is as easy as having your name on a child’s birth certificate. However, this is not always the case, particularly for same-sex relationships or single parent surrogacy USA . Although a birth certificate is unquestionably proof of parentage, not all jurisdictions, including other states, will necessarily accept it as conclusive proof of parentage. That said, Pre- and post-birth orders are useful in this situation.

So what exactly is a pre- or post-birth order? Simply put, pre- and post-birth orders are crucial in gestational surrogacy because they confer parental rights on the intended parents and absolve the surrogate of all obligations. Moreover, the specifics may be different from state to state, but typically these documents are brought up in the fourth month of pregnancy and signed by the seventh month in states where prenatal care is available. Besides, the Intended Parents may need to approach the court of law within days of the birth of the child in states that use post-birth orders.

Pre-birth orders

Although that might appear to be a significant difference, it actually isn’t (in practice) at surrogacy clinics in USA. This is due to the straightforward fact that pre-birth orders will not hold any value until the child is born, despite the fact that they are not available in every state. Having a pre-birth order in place prior to the birth of the surrogacy child can undoubtedly give you some extra peace of mind, but that is not to say that it has no added value.

Post birth orders

However, those who have post-birth orders shouldn’t be concerned (at least, not too much when you’re expecting a new baby)! Post the child birth, there is typically a court hearing for those in this situation, which may call for the Intended Parents’ attendance. Since all parties involved have agreed on who the child’s parents will be, this kind of arrangement is largely a formality.

That said, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is that there is not enough of a difference between pre- and post-birth order states to make it necessary to avoid using your preferred candidate.

  1. Picking the right surrogacy agency in USA

Surrogacy in USA is quite the right option or any child seeking couple around. However, given the diversity of laws in US states, you got to consult with a legal professional or a surrogate clinic USA. Doing that, you can easily see through all kinds of challenges and implications while reaching to your parenthood goals.

On the other side, the surrogacy agency will ensure that every task related to surrogacy is been taken care of in the right manner possible. Moreover, even as you have to apply for the post birth order or the pre-birth order, the same agency will stay by your side.

Additionally, in case of surrogacy for HIV USA, the support and assistance from surrogate clinics in USA is quite crucial. While the motto here is to avoid the transmission of any infection to the future child, one has to take all the required measures and steps in the same regards.

Final words

Surrogacy in USA is undoubtedly the best choice you can make while getting along with your parenthood goals. Still, given the list of challenges and complications on your way due to the diversified state laws, you must stay in right hands all along. Hence, dealing with a recognized surrogacy professional or agency is surely the right thing to do.