4 Most Amazing Reasons for You to Add Moroccan Rugs to Your Interior Design Each handmade textile has a different interpretation depending on the symbols used and the composition. These may represent a particular tribe or be based on the meanings the symbols themselves suggest. They frequently feature scenes that are typical of Moroccan life. Examples include residing in a semi-rural neighbourhood built around the Kasbah or a scene in a house with family members seated at a table.

We learn more about Morocco’s tradition of using the natural world for daily purposes through the selection of the weaving material, a natural cactus silk fibre. When used as a floor covering, their silky texture and flat weave construction make them perfect for warm climates.

The vibrancy of the colour and the simplicity of the design, however, give them a broader appeal and give us a variety of options for how to use them, from Moroccan rugs online to bedding and blankets to wall tapestries.

Any home or office space will undoubtedly experience the exotic charm of Morocco thanks to its lighting effect.

Modern yet Timeless:

Moroccan rugs Australia can be found in homes and upscale hotels everywhere, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact, this “trend” has been around for so long that I believe “new classic” would be a more appropriate description for these cherished rugs.

Surprisingly Resilient:

These carpets haven’t been around for generations for anything; spills can be cleaned up quickly and easily thanks to the natural fibres’ high level of durability. They can really withstand anything, but I wouldn’t place one in the entrance hall where muddy boots would step on it.

Absolutely Trendy:

Feeling a little down in space? Moroccan rugs Australia will instantly increase the cool factor of any space. It is desired by fashionable people everywhere and has the ability to set a laid-back mood without having the dreaded shag rug association with 1970s reception rooms.

Layer Up:

By placing your Moroccan rug on top of a jute or sisal rug, you can extend its life of it even further. Layering will give your Moroccan rug a slightly more traditional vibe, which is especially helpful if you want to integrate it into a traditional or transitional space. This is a great way to utilise a smaller rug in a large space.

You don’t have to feel left out if you’ve been lusting after real Moroccan rugs online but the real thing is a little out of your price range. Retailers are releasing their own versions of these well-liked rugs, and some of them are quite high quality. Before making a purchase, I would suggest trying one out in the store so you can judge the quality for yourself.

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