Looking for a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal without spending an arm and a leg? Installing meaningful upgrades to your front porch is one of the best ways to do so. It can also help extend the amount of usable space in your home, giving you and your family more room for entertaining and other activities. Here are a few practical improvements that are worth investing in:

Add a porch swing bed
The classic porch swing has been a staple in front porch seating for decades. It’s a playful addition to any outdoor space that children and adults alike enjoy. But what if there was a way to make it even better? The porch swing bed from Four Oak Bed Swings takes your run-of-the-mill porch swing to a whole new level, expanding its dimensions so that you can lie down comfortably in it for a quick nap. Four Oak Bed Swings also offers various accessories for their porch swing bed offerings to elevate your enjoyment of it: consider adding a wine glass holder or outdoor cushion packages to your order for a porch swing bed that you’ll love lounging in, day or night.

Consider screening it in
Porches are for enjoying the outdoors and taking in the beauty of nature. However, you and your family won’t be doing a lot of enjoying anywhere you can be easily attacked by mosquitoes. Screens are a cost-effective yet highly functional way to make sure that you get to use your front porch as you like, without having to worry about pests getting in the way of your enjoyment of it.

You don’t have to worry about them looking clunky or outdated, either. Modern screen solutions now come in sleek and minimalist designs which can make your porch look more stylish. Consider sliding screens that can make the space immediately more livable for a porch that you’ll love spending time in.

Make use of large planters
Large planter pots are a great way to add statement-making greenery to any space, and they look especially lovely on front porches. When combined with other plants and flowers in smaller pots and planter boxes, they instantly add freshness and color that can really elevate the look of your porch.

Some of the best large plants to utilize in a front porch include agave, bamboo, and boxwood. If you want to make your porch feel more private, you can choose plant variants that grow tall enough to block the view from the outside.

Install new flooring
Most homeowners tend not to prioritize what’s underfoot, especially in an outdoor space like the porch. However, swapping out the generic concrete flooring of your porch for something more elevated can make it look instantly better.

Tile, wood, or stone flooring can add warmth and depth to the space, making it feel more special. If you’re not sure which one would look best, you can have the flooring match your interior floors so that the porch seamlessly connects with your home’s entryway. This removes the feeling of separation between your home’s exteriors and interiors and makes it much easier to decorate the area, as you can go with the same elements used inside your home to furnish and beautify the porch.

Few things can beat a porch swing bed when it comes to comfort and relaxation, and Four Oak Bed Swings makes them best. They’ve been featured on HGTV and have been the purveyor of choice for many athletes and celebrities looking to furnish their homes with something unique. View their collection of bed swings here and purchase yours today!

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