Northampton is a city of enthusiasts. People are freshness-driven and prefer a zeal for newness every time. No surprise, there are many office and house removals in Northampton happening each week. And the reason behind smooth relocations is the elegance of workflow provided by the local companies. Every item is minutely handled, executing the clearance process from electrical appliances to books, cupboards, to pottery.

Books and ledgers have a vital role in our daily life, a non-denying fact. Experiencing ripped pages, bent spines, dog-eared corners, water damage, or leather binding dehydration are painful moments for a bibliophile. So handling them becomes a delicate job. If you are shifting from your place soon, these packing tips will help you handle them with care and diligence.

Materials Needed

Whether in Northampton or anywhere, House removals are always stress-giving for everyone. Packing and moving stuff is a tiresome job engaging your time and effort. So it is always better to hand your clearance burdens to a house clearance company for expert exercise. But if you are following a tight budget, you can even pack your books yourself. For this, you will need:


Cardboards are essential in removals. You may find them costly sometimes, but well-done research can hand you several pieces of cardboard at a lower price. Small, sturdy, and not deeper than 16” boxes with creases and grooves provide good protection.


Tapes help you keep your books and written pages intact inside the cardboard. You can go for brown packing tape, being the best in the market. But if you want an easy-to-remove material, you can opt for masking strips.

Packing Rags

Empty gaps inside the cardboard may hinder the books’ freshness. Dog-eared corners and bent spines are commonly seen as a result. Packing rags fill in those gaps and help you keep the keeps safe.

Steps for Packing

Step One: Keep the Heavier Books First

As you are using cardboard to keep the books, arrange them in a straight line and apply tissue or packing paper inside the box. The act retains the fancy slipcovers of your guides and novels attractive. Remember, the smaller the boxes, the heavier items you can fit. Most of the books are heavy and should be kept first in the box, followed by lighter and smaller ones.

Step Two: Don Not Stack Vertically

During office removals in and around Northampton, you become more conscious about your files and documents. The ledgers are essential, containing various confidential facts and figures. So, avoid packing the files one over the other. According to the size of the boxes, you should fit the documents in them, steering the clutter.

Step Three: Fill In the Gaps but Do Not Overfill

Whether you are packing your books or other delicate items during a house removal in Northampton, a few inches of a gap will help the items inside maintain a safe distance. Later, fill in those gaps with the rags you have acquired. Old newspapers, clothes, bedding, or towels will absorb all the pressure and shocks the box goes through. Packing and moving the valuables is a matter of concern. Rags inside the boxes relieve the pressure one can have during house clearances.

Step Four: Use Maximum Packing Tape

Tapes will finalize your packing process. The books and ledgers remain inside, prevent them from coming out, and keep them safe from external dust, dirt, etc. Do not be shy to use packing tape. Protecting your articles throughout the office removal process in Northampton ultimately cut down the resulting tantrums.

At last, label the cardboard boxes for easy navigation.


A proper procedure of packing your valuable things helps you cut down your future maintenance cost. A packers and movers company with neat capabilities works as a boon. If you are searching for a handy and easy-to-avail company for a successful house or office clearance, contact Northampton Transport. Northampton Transport has victoriously helped people pack and move their items in and around Northampton. Simple and FREE request quotes are available online. Reach us to learn more about our services.