Restaurant floors can take a beating, especially with daily spills and heavy foot traffic. A huge number of restaurants often rely on SPC flooring. San Antonio and its hot and oppressive summers demand that you have flooring that withstands the kind of wear and tear that comes with this foot traffic. The real challenge is to choose something that captures a certain aesthetic while being reliable, functional, and safe. Here are some design tips to help you pick the best flooring for your restaurant.

5 Tips to Choose the Right Restaurant Flooring



Vinyl flooring San Antonio

Choose a Color That Complements the Wall Color

Your restaurant’s interior design is a key factor when selecting the right flooring. With vinyl flooring, San Antonio restaurants certainly stand out.

It brings out a natural texture in your space and also creates a chic ambiance. Many restaurants pick colors that complement their wall colors. You can go a step ahead and even take staff uniforms into consideration. Your attention to detail will go a long way in leaving an impression on your customers. What’s more? Thick and quality vinyl flooring can last up to 25 years, saving you valuable bucks in repair costs.

Choose Flooring That Requires Low Maintenance for the Kitchen

The kitchen, the heart of any restaurant, requires just as much attention as the more visible parts of a restaurant. However, for this part of the restaurant, you want to choose durable and easy-to-maintain flooring.

This is where ceramic tiles take precedence over other types of flooring. The super hard texture of this material is also abrasion-resistant. You can go years without having to worry about dealing with a major repair case.

Choose Subtle Contrasts With the Furniture

Creating a visual balance in a space is of utmost importance. You can achieve it by pairing safer wood flooring colors with slightly contrasting interiors. Grayish-white, light brown, and white colors look great with most colors for SPC flooring. San Antonio restaurants are yet to make this combination mainstream.

These safety colors are a great option, especially if you’re unsure about the color combination. They won’t significantly affect your future space planning. Also, having the same look on both the furniture and the floor can leave a room looking too flat and uninteresting.

Furthermore, certain SPC designs are straightforward, while others come in a variety of appearances, styles, and textures. The wood floor’s grain patterns should be able to complement your space perfectly.

Engineered Laminate for An Inviting Look

The main hall of a restaurant is where the majority of your customers will be seated. And so, it is crucial for them to find it warm and welcoming. There are several options to help you achieve that. However, one option usually tops that list – Engineered laminate flooring. San Antonio is home to some of the best-designed restaurants in the region.

Most of them opt for laminate flooring mainly because it appears as genuine hardwood but without the hardwood price tag. That isn’t it. Most businesses trust this type of flooring due to its durability and the fact that it can stand up to moisture, scratches, and stains better than wood.

Go For a Typical Yet In-Demand High-End Appearance

A durable surface that also gives off a high-end vibe is something that only stone can achieve. Many restaurants use it in all areas, particularly because of its longevity and the fact that it stands out despite being a mainstream choice. The material also stands up well to spills, drops, and heavy traffic.

Another great thing about using stone for flooring is that you have many options to choose from. Furthermore, it is available in a variety of styles and can complement a wide range of decor ideas.

Most restaurants prefer tiles made from slate and granite since they’re easy to clean and also durable. You may want to consider textured stone for good traction.

Are you wondering how stone flooring is different from SPC flooring? San Antonio, over the years, has undergone a major boom, especially with its tertiary industry. Business owners prefer materials that are sturdier, so they can save up on long-term maintenance costs.

However, stone may not always be the ideal choice when it comes to restaurant flooring. It is far less resilient compared to the SPC, which has a robust core. It’s virtually indestructible and is a great choice for high-traffic spaces, no matter what commercial property you own.

Having Trouble Choosing the Right Flooring?

When it comes to decor and design, restaurants have unique priorities. Employees need a space that is useful, safe, and easy to navigate, while customers need a space that’s visually pleasing, pleasant, and inviting.

Carefully researching and planning your restaurant flooring will help you get a balance of both safety and style. Consider the atmosphere you want to create. Choose the options that best fit those needs.

Most importantly, remember that there is always a flooring option out there to help you anchor your style choices and create the ideal ambiance.

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