There is no need to say eCommerce is growing, we all know it’s going at a sky-high speed. 

Yes, mobile shopping is gaining large and the number of daily users is increasing day by day. As per the Google report, nearly 52% of smartphone users are engaging with the shopping sites like Amazon clone, and Shopify to watch new products, good deals, and price changes for shopping and it can be entertaining too. 

Because of the wealthy global economy’s share of eCommerce apps and sites, many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking curiously to make a startup in the eCommerce industry. If you are also probing the same this is the article for you to improve your startup knowledge.

Let’s continue reading.

1. Develop A Beneficial Shopping App For Your Business

Defining and structuring are the primary parts to start an eCommerce business. It will only show you what your business is going to process and how can you monetize from it/

But, when it comes to eCommerce sites or app development, the technical part also fills the major priority. 

Your mobile app or site appearance could show the consumers how potential you are, which means how you could differ from others and how your app is going to furnish the user with a friendly experience. These all metiers could only be evaluated from your shopping app’s smart features and from its smoothie workflow interface. 

So, let’s analyze the important factors in eCommerce app creation. Here is the set of key listings to focus on eCommerce development. 


  • Appealing User-friendly designs that provide a pleasant feel and look. 
  • Easy search designs and navigation with clear structured categories and simple filter options. 
  • Enhanced shopping cart option with portable comparing options between two or three products. 
  • eCommerce analytics tool to measure the performance of the app with the buyer’s and sellers’ graphical representations. 
  • Admiring push notifications to entice users instantly.
  • Feedback and rating system to ensure the quality of the product and to analyze the user’s queries. 
  • Simple support system connected via the chats and through query-entered calls. 
  • Savvy personalization algorithm to drive the customer-friendly right recommendations by analyzing the user profile data. 
  • Keep your users informed about their orders and delivery, and possess an order summary status with detailed tracking options. 
  • Provide multiple payment options to make your user a tension-free checkout after an ensured shopping. 
  • Augmented reality to provide your users with a real-time shopping experience. 

Let you create the app with all the above important smart features. Combining all with more smart and advent features will make your shopping app to be unique and help your eCommerce business to stand out from the crowd. 

2. Build Your ECommerce Business Brand

There is nothing powerful in the business like branding. Once you mark your brand name in people’s minds, it will hit your brand forever. This is why Starbucks is able to charge coffee for $5 and Gucci sells t-shirts for $500. Likewise, in shopping apps, Amazon has made a brand that is highly customer-centric. 

So, it’s highly essential to build your brand and work towards being the brand! As an eCommerce website, you should make your brand by following some ideal business strategies. Here are, some,

Deliver Qualified Product To The Users

Initially, people can certify your brand name only by how qualified they receive the products from your shopping site. When you are selling qualified products from assured sellers at an affordable price, it will create a brand name quickly among the people. 

So, list your product merchants in an assured manner, or provide the listing with the site assurance seller, like Flipkart. Flipkart is naming their authorized dealers and giving them the name Flipkart assured sellers, that is they are giving extra surety for those particular merchants. Because a first experience is the remembering one for all customers it makes them decide whether shopping on your site is worth it or not and it creates the next purchase too. 

Focus On User Queries

It’s important to concentrate and give support to the customers’ problems in case of any delivery issues. Unconcerned queries in the platform of every particular product will damage the ratings of the merchants and simultaneously, it may possibly impact your platform rating and reviews wholly. 

So, make your shoppers repeat and spend more money on your shopping app by concentrating on consumer problems and queries via 24*7 support. 

Offer Frequent Discount Sale

Did you know why Amazon wins on customer-centric strategy, it’s only because of their price. Everyone wants to get a good deal on every purchase, so providing consumers with enticing discounts will furnish them with a bright feel in shopping your app with reasonable prices. 

Bring Your Shopping App With An Easy Return Process

In online selling, returns are one of the inevitable ones. But trying to avoid returns will seriously impact your brand name so create your shopping app policy with easy returns as possible and quick for the consumers. 

And it has appeared from the stats, that 66% of the consumers were making the purchase only after checking the easy return policy, and 80% of the shoppers were averted to make purchases because of the inconvenient return process. 

Focus On Quick Shipping And Delivery 

Offering a 2-day shipping process will retain your shopping app full of orders. Amazon-like apps are providing their prime members with free shipping cost, and that shipment is processed within a day or two. Don’t worry about spending the shipping cost for the users, add it to the base price of the product and give zero shipping cost. This will make the users that they are buying with no costs of shipment and helps them to encourage a lot to purchase.

The above are some of the crucial factors to look at, which assist in building your brand name. 

3. Focus On eCommerce SEO

It is something especially important to work on the SEO factor of your eCommerce site or app. This is to be particularly focusing on the below components,

  • Site architecture
  • Blogs
  • Descriptions of every category
  • Product descriptions and specifications
  • Keyword research
  • User experience
  • Link building

These immense elements will assist your eCommerce site to rank high in SERP for the relevant keywords, which leads to mastering your app to rank at the top place of the products in your shopping app. 

Without a scheduled structure for maintaining your on-page and off-page SEO, your website would not reach the organic traffic that lacks your website in navigating with a high number of users. Because almost 72% of smartphone users have the habit of doing rough research on Google for the products they want to buy, instead of browsing any shopping apps. 

4. Focus On Sale Conversions

Sale conversions are the heart part of your eCommerce platform, high traffic is needed but it’s useless if the visitors are not making any purchases. 

So, let you do a separate focus on the sale conversions. And collect the points where the customers are skipping to make the purchase. It has been proven from the source from CrazyEgg, among the 100% of total sessions, that about 43.8% of sessions with product pages have been viewed by the customer, and making the add-to-cart sessions was only 14.5%. Considering all these percentages it has been concluded that only 3.3% of session transactions can be made by consumers.

Hence, it has been evaluated that there are 70% of page visitors and only 30% of consumers are entering the purchase process. So, it’s highly essential for you to monitor the conversions and funnels. 

5. Prioritize Shopping App User Experience

Last but not least, as said priorly, being a master in receiving the user’s conversions is important. This can happen all by the major reason, of user experience, and it will contribute largely to your eCommerce company’s success. 

Keep hold of your technical app development and servicing partner. And monitor your shopping app or website speed and performance often. It needs to load quickly and should possess simple navigation. Because no customers will need to use your shopping app with large loading times and don’t have to make up for the frustrating shopping process. This will make them dive into the next apps to satisfy their needs. 

So, provide your users with an awesome shopping experience by developing a smoothie shopping app and website customer friendly. 

Eliminating all the bugs and unwanted problems in your shopping either in hardware or software will make your online shopping marketplace an immense one for the users. Hence, focus on all 5 important factors to structurize your eCommerce app to be an enticing platform for shopping. 


Adapting new technologies and trends will help your eCommerce like amazon clone to survive and help it thrive in the industry. Explore your eCommerce vision more by studying and analyzing sound e-commerce marketplace business articles. 

Hope this blog would enhance you highly to launch an efficient eCommerce marketplace platform.