As we become older, our bodies go through a number of unsettling changes. Less fluid in the joints is a result of age-related changes to both the body’s range of motion and the joints themselves. Muscle flexibility and strength also deteriorate with age, making daily tasks like getting out of a chair or out of bed, or navigating stairs more of a challenge for seniors. Tight chest muscles and a forward pull of the shoulders can generate a rounded back, and the attendant stooped gait is common among the elderly.


Fortunately, seniors can take advantage of the range of motion stretches. These stretches can help to lubricate the joints and stretch and lengthen the muscles and tendons to promote flexibility. Regular stretching improves the posture of seniors and helps joints to move through the full range of motion. Stretches also decrease the risk of injuries, boost blood circulation, improve coordination and balance, and increase muscle control.

Here is some best range of motion stretches seniors can perform to improve flexibility. If your elderly loved ones face difficulties performing these exercises, you can hire a professional Portland Home Care service provider to help your loved one reach fitness goals.


  1. Neck Stretches

As seniors extend their necks, they improve their back posture, which helps them retain their heads in a relaxed and upright position when driving, which is vital. To conduct neck stretches, one should progressively bring their chin closer to their chest while turning their head from side to side. In each movement, be sure to hold for a few seconds.


  1. Shoulder And Upper Arm Stretches

For older citizens, having strong shoulders and arms is highly necessary in order to be able to perform daily activities such as dressing, pulling and pushing doors, and lifting things off shelves. Hold one end of an elastic resistance band or a towel in one hand over their head while letting the other end fall behind their back to conduct stretches for the upper arm and shoulders. Grab the side that’s loose with the other hand, and then bring the arm down slowly and gently until they feel the strain.


  1. Lower Back Stretches

Seniors can maintain the flexibility of their spine and improve their posture by performing stretches that focus on the lower back. Lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet together to conduct stretches for your lower back. The soles of the feet ought to be flat on the floor. Reduce the body’s weight to one side while maintaining the position of the knees, and twist the upper body until the stretch is felt. Repeat each stretch on the opposite side after holding it for a few seconds on one side.


  1. Chest Stretches

By toning the chest muscles and pressing the shoulders back, elders can improve their posture and reduce the risk of developing a rounded back. To execute chest stretches, spread both arms out to the sides while facing forward with the palms of your hands facing up. They should reach behind them until they feel a stretch down the front of their chest and arms.

It is essential to remember that you should not overstretch your muscles to prevent any injuries or soreness from occurring.


  1. Ankle Stretches

Ankle stiffness is a common problem among older people, making walking, climbing, and descending stairs challenging for them. To stretch the ankles, one should first sit in a chair and slowly move each foot, one at a time, in an up-and-down motion and then in a side-to-side motion. After holding each position briefly, switch sides and repeat the exercise.



Although stretching the range of motion is the best way for seniors to maintain their flexibility and keep their muscles lubricated, When doing a range of motion stretching exercises, safety precautions like making sure not to overstretch should be kept in mind at all times. It is necessary to seek the services of a physical therapist or a knowledgeable carer from Home Care Portland to obtain professional assistance. Your elderly loved ones will be able to keep up their physical condition by performing these stretches throughout their golden years.