There are many people who enjoy horror films, a genre that has more and more followers on the world stage and that helps release adrenaline. Many of the films in this genre are filmed in places that exist in reality, far from the sets. We have compiled a list of five places that should be visited by horror film lovers. This way, they will be able to see firsthand where the scenes of the movie were filmed; who knows, if they get the occasional scare.

Places Every Horror Movie Fan needs to Visit

The Nun: Carta Monastery, Tara Fagarasului, southern Romania

The film “The Nun” moves to the 1950s in Romania, specifically to the Carta Monastery, where Sister Irene and Father Burke investigate the mysterious suicide of the young nun Victoria.

Carța Monastery is a former Cistercian monastery located in the county of Sibiu, in central Romania, south of Transylvania. This monastery is known for its Cistercian Gothic architecture and rich history, and it is currently an Evangelical Lutheran church. An ideal place to visit for fans of the “Warren Files” saga.

Insidious: 4350 Victoria Park Drive, West Pico Boulevard, downtown Los Angeles

The horror film “Insidious” (2010), directed by James Wan, takes place in a house in Los Angeles, California. The plot centers on the Lambert family, who move into this house and begin to experience disturbing paranormal phenomena. The film is characterized by its terrifying atmosphere and its focus on the spirit world and the supernatural.

Curiously, this house, until very recently, was for sale. You can still see images of the property, already sold, on the real estate platform. This setting could be a point of interest to visit on a trip to Los Angeles.

The Orphanage in the Partarriu Palace, Llanes

The film ” The Orphanage” (2007), directed by Juan Antonio Bayona and written by Sergio G. Sanchez, was filmed in several locations in Spain, and one of the main ones was the Partarriu Palace, which is located in Llanes, Asturias. This impressive palace was used as the main location where the film’s plot takes place.

The Partarriu Palace is a neoclassical-style structure that dates back to the 18th century. In the film, the palace is transformed into an abandoned orphanage, creating an eerie and mysterious atmosphere that fits perfectly with the film’s story. The natural surroundings of Llanes and the aged appearance of the palace contribute significantly to the dark and otherworldly atmosphere of the film. An ideal place to visit if you travel to Asturias. A rural getaway with a happy vacation can be the beginning of a terrifyingly enchanting journey.

The Others: The Palacio de los Hornillos, located in Las Fraguas (Arenas de Iguna, Cantabria)

The film “The Others”, directed by Alejandro Amenabar and released in 2001, was filmed in several locations, and one of the notable locations was the Palacio de los Hornillos, which is located in Cantabria, Spain.

The Palacio de los Hornillos is an imposing neoclassical mansion dating from the 18th century. “The Others” is a psychological horror film that stands out for its setting and its use of intrigue and mystery. The Palacio de los Hornillos is essential to the film, as its architecture and rural setting contribute significantly to the film’s atmosphere, which is characterized by its sense of isolation and supernatural elements. If you want to immerse yourself in history, beauty, and intrigue, Cantabria and the Palacio de los Hornillos are a perfect combination.

Blair Witch: Seneca Creek State Park, Burkittsville, Maryland

The movie “The Blair Witch Project” was filmed at Seneca Creek State Park, which is located near Burkittsville, Maryland, near Washington. This horror film, directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez and released in 1999, is known for its “found footage” style approach and the atmosphere of terror it creates.

Seneca Creek State Park is a wooded, natural area located in Montgomery County, Maryland, and is known for its hiking trails and scenic beauty. The film was filmed in this park, which became the main location where the plot takes place. The film became famous for its amateur filming style and its ability to create an eerie atmosphere in the middle of the forest. A place where fans of this film come to contemplate the settings of the legendary film and walk along its paths.


So, book a flight to any of your desired locations and embark on an exciting adventure of exploring horror places. Don’t forget to check your flight PNR status in case it is delayed or rescheduled.