In the last decade, the number of women in engineering has almost doubled. The engineering domain is continually evolving and has become essential to the world. There are multiple reasons for women encourage them to pursue their careers in this exciting and diverse field of study, with a range of blooming career opportunities available. Therefore, here we have collected five top reasons why women should opt for an engineering degree from the best engineering university in Karachi.

Employers Want Female Engineers

Today, the world and the workplace thrive on diversity and equality. In engineering, there is a big gap between the ratio of men vs. women in engineering professions, so women are highly required and appreciated as a minority in the work field. You’ll be valued not only for your excellent skills but for the insight and vision you can bring to the profession. Internationally, employment rates are exceptional, as 97.4 percent of engineering graduates went into either employment or further study. Women’s future is exceptionally bright in the engineering sector.

You’ll Make A Difference In The World

Engineers, either male or female, have the opportunity to develop new technology that will enhance how we live since engineers use their problem-solving abilities to address many of the world’s most significant issues.

For instance, invent new medical equipment for patients, develop strategies to reach those who lack access to clean water, or even design more energy-efficient homes and vehicles to support the world’s sustainability. You can save lives as an engineer, and the opportunities are limitless.

You Get To Be Creative

Learning and working in engineering makes you an inventive person. You design, build and generate significant developments and technologies that solve real-life issues in new and more effective ways. Moreover, you can work with specialists in other industries and sectors to produce innovative, impactful, and original work.

You’ll Have Plenty Of Career Choices

Due to rapid developments and innovation, the world has begun to depend more on technology, and an engineering degree trains you with skills and abilities crucial to our living standards. This allowed engineering graduates to explore a wide range of roles that would assist them in finding their dream job. In addition, there are multiple possibilities to organize their working hours to suit them. Thus, life as a female engineer can also provide great flexibility. Engineer graduates worldwide have entered various professional positions, from design engineers to project managers.

You Are Paid Well

Engineering not only gives women a chance to have a successful and fulfilling career but also pays well. Internationally, the average pay for an engineering graduate who accepted a full-time paid position is about £24,900 in the UK, and as you gain more experience, your salary may increase. In Pakistan, an average engineering graduate can earn a starting wage of 50K, which can vary depending on the type of engineering and company.

Conclusive Thoughts

So, we hope this blog has helped motivate female students planning to study engineering.  

Engineering is a worthwhile field that holds a lot of opportunities for you. As an engineer, you pick up transferable skills such as critical thinking, innovation, and creativity and gain crucial social standing.

With an engineering degree, you’ll have multiple options for both school and employment. So, if you are still planning to opt for engineering, get it! You will feel appreciated for making the best choice when you reflect on it. To learn more about our engineering at Salim Habib University, one of the best universities in Pakistan, you can Contact us or visit us at: