Using free proxy services may seem ideal. You don’t pay anything for the service. That sounds perfect if you’re on a budget. However, free proxy services don’t work as well as paid options. Plus, they may be exposing your information and putting it at risk. If you’re still using free proxies, here are six reasons you should switch to paid services.

They Compromise Your Security

The point of using a proxy service is to hide your location and ensure your company’s security. But if you’re using free proxies, that already puts your information at risk. That’s because most free proxy servers don’t even pass security tests. If you want to ensure that your information is secure and leak-free, look for paid mobile proxiesConsider companies that provide paid proxy solutions that allow you to hide your location and protect your business.

Your Connection is Monitored

Free proxy sites don’t use HTTPS. That allows them to monitor your activities online. When you use a free proxy site, you are trusting that site with your information. But do you really want to take that risk? There are better, safer options that you can use. In addition, do you remember what they say about free services? If you’re not paying anything for the service, that means you are the product. That’s also why it’s likely that those free services are designed to monitor your online activities.

They Steal Your Cookies

Cookies are created when you log into a server. Cookies store your login data, so you don’t have to keep entering your password every time you visit a site. However, when you use a free proxy server, they can steal those cookies. Since those cookies contain your private information, someone could use that to impersonate you online. They could do a lot of damage and leave you dealing with a ton of trouble.

They Contain Malware

Most of the time, free proxy servers also contain malware. That’s a virus. Logging into the site or accepting downloads from the site can infect your machine accidentally. If you’re wondering why ads keep popping up on your screen, that could be the reason for your problems. Some ads laced with malware can compromise your computer’s functions or slow it down. That’s a hassle that can affect your productivity levels. If you’re frustrated and stressed over your slow computer, consider the sites you recently visited. Did you use any free proxies? You may be the victim of malvertising.

They Offer Poor Service

When you use free proxies, you may be thinking about the money you will save. But if the service is inefficient, that can leave you and your team in a bind. A slow service compromises your productivity levels and holds you back. That’s not worth the cost of saving a few dollars. You need fast, efficient service if you want to hit your deadlines. If your team is delivering their best performance, provide them with the tools they need. Switch to paid proxy servers. They’re faster, safer, and worth every penny.