Digital presence is important so you hired a web developer long back and get yourself a commercial website. Showcasing your brand on the digital forefront is good but website maintenance is equally important. The website you developed 5 years back is no longer useful so find a specialist in Kelowna for the website redesign. Here is why website maintenance is worth it.

1. Attract more customers: In this competitive marketplace, where every brand is struggling to attract and retain customers, a revamped website is the smartest way to create buzz. You can look into aspects and modify elements that might attract the target audience.
2. Improved web security: Website redesign also provides the chance to look into areas where the outdated website becomes vulnerable to malware. You can use the latest backend technology to create a high-performing and more secure website.
3. Rank on search engines: Regular updates in a website design also makes it search engine friendly. New and fresh content is always ranked higher on Google. On the other hand, outdated content and no refresh can adversely affect the crawling and indexing of your website.
4. Improved brand image: Outdated website is also bad for your brand’s reputation. Maintaining quality helps in creating a good first impression on potential users.
5. Higher ROI: As stated above a revamped website can attract more customers and perform better on search engines. In simple words, website redesign increases the chances of lead generation which means more sales and higher profits.

Final words
Attain a competitive edge with Website redesign and get higher returns on the investment. You can also get a quote for website maintenance from SEO Resellers Canada. The award-winning agency can help you achieve the above listed website redesign benefits.