Growing marijuana is a difficult process. Just growing a strong, robust plant will require a lot of time, patience, and effort. If there is one thing that frustrates growers the most, it is a mountain of extra stems following the citradelic sunset marijuana harvest. It is such a waste to toss the stems, and the fact that some of the hard work has been wasted is distressing.

But given that there are numerous ways to use the leftover stems, producers should stop complaining about them. Let us explain how to handle marijuana stems. Thanks to this solution, the stems can be recycled to good use without creating a significant amount of garbage.

Tea Time

The most popular method of using marijuana stems is to make tea, regarded as the best invention ever made. How do you do it? Making marijuana tea is extremely easy. Slice the stem vertically, then cover it with boiling water. Give the stems at least a day to soak in the water.

This method is only useful when attempting to obtain marijuana tastes for the tea, though. However, decarboxylation of the marijuana stem is necessary to obtain its strength, and it is a technique for igniting the crucial marijuana cannabinoid components in the stem.


Currently being sold in the market are beers and wines that have marijuana infusions. Making your alcohol can prevent stem waste in addition to saving you money.

Infusing stem extract into your alcohol is another technique. Prepare a bottle of your preferred alcoholic beverage—preferably vodka—to accomplish this. Cannabis stems can be ground up and added to alcohol in amounts ranging from 1.5 grams to 1 ounce.

Creams Or Ointments

Making marijuana stems into a topical medicine is only one of the many inventive and affordable uses for them. Marijuana-infused lotions and ointments have proven to treat some illnesses and pains quickly and effectively successfully. Homemade topical medications don’t need a lot of ingredients.
On the internet, there are various methods for making these topicals correctly using marijuana stems. Even essential vitamins that complement the therapeutic effects of marijuana stems are permitted.


Another inventive use for marijuana stems is to create weave baskets. First, soak the marijuana stems in water for at least an overnight period before creating this artistic creation. By doing this, you guard against the stems breaking easily. After that, choose a couple of stems and join them with a hemp rope in the middle. You can begin weaving the basket when it is the right size.


Cannabis stems can also be used as skewers. It is a very easy process. Hone the marijuana stem’s endpoint and immerse it in water for at least one night. Then, using some of your favorite vegetables and meats, you may make kabobs.


When you have leftover marijuana stems in the future, consider experimenting and coming up with a unique and helpful project instead of throwing them in the trash. A handful of the most typical uses for citradelic sunset stems are included in the list above. There are many other options, though, if you can be more inventive. However, smoking them should not be an option.

Marijuana stems have nothing to be despised; all it takes is imagination and perseverance to transform them from a waste product into something remarkable and beneficial. You can still use marijuana stems, which will increase your appreciation for the marijuana plant’s adaptability.