Are you planning a trip to Ujjain from Indore? If so, then booking an Indore to Ujjain taxi is probably the best way to get there. But before you book your ride, here are five things that you should know:

1) Cost of the Ride: Before booking your taxi, you must research and compare different rates offered by various cab companies. This will help ensure that you get the best deal for your money and don’t end up paying more than necessary for your journey.

2) Quality of Service: It’s essential to check out reviews online about any cab company or service provider before making a reservation with them – this can give an idea about their level of customer service as well as how reliable they are in terms of punctuality and safety standards while on-road travel.

3) Type Of Vehicle: You also need to consider what type of vehicle would be suitable for traveling between these two cities – depending on whether it’s just one person or a group traveling together; if luggage needs carrying, etc., different types of vehicles may be required like hatchback/sedan/SUV, etc.

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4) Pick-Up & Drop-Off Points: Make sure when choosing pick-up points, they should be convenient enough such as airports/railway stations/hotels, etc., where drivers can easily find customers without much hassle; similarly drop-off points must also make sense according to itinerary planned.

5) Safety Measures During Journey: Last but not least, always inquire from the driver regarding safety measures taken during the journey like using seat belts at all times; no over-speeding limits set by traffic rules & regulations; stopovers made only when necessary (for example toilet breaks), etc., this helps in ensuring safe passage throughout entire route till final destination reached successfully!