There’s no doubt about the versatility of mirrors in home decor. While the functional accessory offers a reflection for assessment of your looks, it also adds character to your space. How you design your home depends on your preference. However, mirrors make a great statement piece in interior design.

This blog post discusses ways to use mirrors around your home to amp up their functionality and style.

5 Ways of Using Mirrors in Home Decor

Here are five ways to use mirrors in home decor to make your space more livid and fun yet sophisticated.

Mirrors in Small Spaces: Creating the Illusion of More Space

Mirrors are incredible reflectors of light. Enhanced lighting in a space can immediately give the onlooker an illusion of space despite a small area. Therefore, consider hanging a large mirror to create more space around hallways or attic rooms.

Place the mirror strategically opposite a window wall. Doing so will reflect the natural light from the window, creating an illusion of spaciousness.

Mirrors in the Bedroom: Functional and Stylish Ideas

Bedroom mirrors are used in myriad ways. However, the most practical use is to assess one’s reflection and ensure you’re looking great before leaving home. Therefore, a full-length mirror might work wonders to offer maximum reflection and add appeal to the room.

To make a full-length mirror stand out, people opt for framed mirrors. Frames made from natural wood offer a biophilic look to the space. Moreover, vintage frames also return to create a classic yet elegant look.

In contrast, you can also opt for frameless mirrors around your bedroom. Using lights around the boundary or hanging fairy lights are two incredible yet simple ideas to create an aesthetic. Moreover, these lights also enhance practicality and help you get ready.

Mirrors in the Bathroom: Transforming Your Space

There’s nothing as practical as having mirrors in your bathroom. While it helps analyze your looks when getting ready, the reflection also assists in attending to daily tasks. Shaving a beard, brushing your teeth and hair, and even threading eyebrows all require a close-up perfect with bathroom mirrors.

The latest trend around bathroom mirrors is mainly the enhanced usage of floating mirrors. Using a wall mount, professionals attach the mirrors to the wall. This attachment gives an illusion of floating and creates more space for proper maintenance.

With the floating mirrors, another trending bathroom look is lighting these mirrors from the back. Backlit mirrors offer the same ease in getting ready as your bedroom’s vanity mirror. However, due to no visible frames and lines, this design idea offers a cleaner and more sophisticated look.


Mirrors in home decor


Mirrors in the Entryway: Making a Lasting First Impression

As your guests enter your home, their first thought won’t be how they greet you but how they look. No one wants to arrive at someone’s home looking disheveled, which is possible due to long commutes.

To make your guests more at ease, consider installing a framed mirror in your entryway. The unique design will instantly catch the eye, allowing guests to assess their looks. You can also use this mirror for the last touchup when leaving home.

You can also use decal mirrors in your entryway for a trendier look. Using these mirror blocks for creating a grid is the latest way of adding depth to your entryway while adding space to the otherwise small area.

Mirrors in the Living Room: Enhancing Your Design Scheme

The living room is the last place people think of adding mirrors. However, doing so is highly practical as it adds a conversation piece and space to the room. Moreover, mirrors can personalize the room and make it more welcoming.

Mirrors can create a sense of symmetry in a living room. By placing a pair of identical mirrors on either side of a fireplace or sofa, for example, you can create a balanced, harmonious look in the room.


Choosing the Right Mirror for Your Space

The size, form, intended use, existing design in the area, and other variables must all be considered when selecting the ideal mirror for a space. Here are some pointers for picking the ideal mirror for a certain space:

  1. Think about the mirror’s function: Think about the mirror’s function before selecting one. Will it serve a functional purpose, such as a bathroom mirror, or will it be a beautiful focal point in a living room or bedroom? Your decision will be aided by understanding the mirror’s function.
  2. Identify the mirror’s dimensions and shape: The mirror’s size and form should be determined by the dimensions and configuration of the wall or area where it will be mounted. A tiny, round mirror could be more appropriate for a bathroom or corridor. In contrast, a huge, rectangular mirror might look great in the dining or living room.
  3. Adapt the mirror to the current style: Choose a mirror that blends with the space’s current design. Choose a mirror with an elegant frame if the space is decorated classically or historically. Get a mirror with a straightforward, clean design if the space has a contemporary or minimalist aesthetic.
  4. Think about the reflection: Contemplate what the mirror will show. Please choose a mirror that will highlight the feature, whether it reflects a lovely view, a piece of art, or another decorative item in the space.
  5. Seek for distinctive features: Consider selecting a mirror with distinctive characteristics like a beveled edge, a beautiful frame, or an odd form. These distinctive qualities may make the mirror a statement piece and provide visual appeal to the room.


 Mirrors in home decor



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Using mirrors in home decor is a highly practical way to make your home’s interior warmer and inviting while keeping it chic and classy. However, which mirror idea you choose and where you place the mirror also matters in achieving the look.

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