Spending some quality time with family is crucial. Spending time with children helps them get closer to their parents and form an unbreakable bond. There are many ways to spend time with kids, like playing board games, watching their favourite movies, or doing outdoor activities like sports and picnics.

Picnics are a great way to spend time at a nearby park with their favourite foods and games. Picnics make up for the perfect winter family bonding.

Here are some ways parents can dress up their children for their winter picnic. 


Jordan Pullover Hoodie:

The perfect winter backyard picnic is incomplete without a warm and fuzzy hoodie. A family picnic requires simple yet classy attire, and Rookie India Website can bring winterwear from the best brands and fashion to your fingertips.

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Wearing Converse Highwaist Printed leggings:

The classic idea of a picnic is to go to a park with a picnic basket filled with tasty food and spend time with the kids. In winter, parents can still go on picnics with children but wear clothes that keep them warm and comfortable.

They can wear comfortable and stylish activewear like the Converse Highwaist Printed leggings, which keep them warm. They can also get a set that has matching jackets to the outfit.

Many kids sportswear is available on Rookie India from brands like Hurley, Nike, Jordan, Levi’s, Converse, and The White Cub. Search for the best activewear that suits the kids and enjoy an energetic, refreshing picnic time with them. 


Nike Pullover Hoodie and legging set:

Having picnics in the park or backyard is unnecessary. It can also be a one-night stay weekend picnic at a nearby getaway. Kids are always eager to visit places that have adventures and spend time around nature.

They can wear hoodie leggings sets that will keep them stylish and comfortable in chilly climates and enjoy their weekend holidays in full swing.

Kids can wear simple yet comfortable clothes like pullover hoodies and legging sets that keep them comfortable and protects them from harsh winds. 


Converse track jacket:

Winter and snow are inseparable. At places where the temperatures drop to minus, they have heavy snowfall. Kids can enjoy a one-day picnic in the snow as it is the best way to deal with the harsh weather.

Pack them with three layers, but use these track jackets to protect them from freezing. It helps the kids stay warm and look fashionable. Adding accessories like gloves and boots is equally stylish and essential. 


Nike Printed Capri Leggings and Nike Logo T-shirt:

The climate is not always harsh. There are times the atmosphere is mellow and slightly warm. They can use these full sleeves logo shirts and printed capri leggings to keep them warm, comfortable, and stylish.

Whatever the weather is, fashion can never compromise, and Rookie India is always there to help kids to stay on top of the fashion game with their best collection.


There is no right time to go on a picnic. Whether summer or winter, picnics are always fun with family and friends. It is crucial to have the right apparel for everyone to sustain the weather, and Rookie India is there to help out everyone who wants to have the best brands for their children at excellent discounts.