What can be an exciting thing to mention or talk about other than sex or physical intimacy? Well, it’s the reference to sex dolls, and how trying out sex dolls for the first time or on a regular basis can be something all different to usual sexual activity.

No matter what age, background or sexual likeness and desires you have, TPE or Silicone Adult Dolls are something that will definitely make you turn your head.

While talking about or reading sex dolls is something that you can do easily, what if you want to get in the genre on a serious note? What if you want to explore the all nitty-gritty details of what sex dolls are, how these work and more related to these? Well, you don’t need to scroll through random articles for that (sometimes it can be misleading also and advertising based only). You need to get a clear insight into different facets of sex doll.

Here, we have round up some information, dug from the industry experts, that will give you a clarity on what to expect.

1. How Much Realistic are Sex Dolls?

Do you think that the relationship between a sex doll and human can be as real as between two human? Do you think that with a doll you can be that intimate and close, satisfied as with a human partner? While sex dolls are designed to function and feel like human, they are still second to human. So, it is important that you expect this fact that your doll is a replacement for a person, and therefore won’t be a person itself. Today’s advanced technology and mechanism, along with introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in dolls mean that the different facets and features of love dolls are as close to a human as these can be. Be it their skin softness, intercourse feel response, the warmth of hug, moaning during sexual activity and much more, these are a great. They are not real but best silicone love dolls and TPE dolls are realistic as these can be.

2. What High Temperature Level Can a Sex Doll Withstand?

This is one aspect that depends on the doll material. Two most common and advanced material for sex dolls are TPE and Silicone sex dolls. While TPE is not heat resistant, silicone is a good heat resistant material.

So, if you live in a temperate climate place, or want something that goes well with your high-temperature play, then the silicone is the better option than a TPE one. Having a heated doll does improve the warmth factor during the sexual play and intercourse. And for this different heating devices and mechanisms are used, like a warming wand. But overheating the doll can turn out to be dangerous. Therefore knowing what material doll to use, and what heating and cooling instructions to follow for heating the doll is important for you.

3. How to Travel in a Car with a Sex Doll?

You might be visiting a faraway place during the vacation and want to take your doll partner with you to enjoy the sexual pleasure over there. This is where putting the sex doll in the right way in your car should be done properly; else you run the risk of damaging that.

Do not hide it in the trunk. Instead make room on the back seat of the car, and place it in sitting or lying place ensuring that the doll’s body doesn’t knock against the hard surfaces or get dropped. Therefore, cushioning all around is important. Also, a sex doll sitting in open in your car can raise eyebrows from people. Thereby, the better method is to store it in the initial package that it came in and then travel with it.

4. How Long Does a Sex Doll Last?

There are several factors that defines how long will your sex doll last – its material, functions, how you use that, frequency of sexual intercourse, use of the doll in other activities like bathing, frequent damages, maintenance routine followed, where you engage in sex with the doll, sexual positions, if anyone else is also having sex with her, type of lubricant used, and much more.

Like you use your car, your phone or any other product or device, your silicone adult dolls and TPE real dolls will also function and last as much as you will make them to. You need to know the ins and outs of using the sex doll, and follow right procedures and guidelines for better outcome.

You not only need to invest in the Best Silicone Love Dolls, and TPE dolls, but also have to know these facets in detail, so as to make the most of your sex or real or love doll for an enhanced sexual pleasure.