Two factors are essential for a loan to get approval. Whether it is a secured loan or an unsecured loan, these two factors are essential. One of them is the CIBIL or credit score, and another is the value of the security provided by the borrower. Mostly in unsecured loans, the CIBIL Score is much more important than in the case of a secured loan where the borrower provides collateral like a loan against property in Delhi NCR. The CIBIL score is a deciding factor in not only the sanction or dispersal of the loan, but a good CIBIL score is also a deciding factor of how quickly the loan can be sanctioned and may decrease a bit or the interest rate.

Let’s Know How You Can Enhance Your Cibil Score Within No Time.

  1. Check due loans

The CIBIL score will be impacted if the borrower has unpaid loans. Hence, it is essential to check all the loans and try to repay them with the help of monthly instalment payments like EMI timely if they are due.

  1. Credit card dues

The customer should try to clear all the outstanding dues of the credit cards and not just the due amount but the entire repayment of the bill. This will increase the credit score and thus enhance the CIBIL score. Hire investment advisory services to learn more about loans.

  1. Keep credit card usage low.

Some customers tend to use the credit card entirely within two months. This is considered a warning, but customers keep trying to raise the credit card limit. This lowers the utilisation rate of the credit card, and it affects the CIBIL score. The utilisation rate of the credit card should be under 30%. It will raise the credit score, hence increasing the CIBIL score.

  1. Keep the loan inquiries low.

If the customer is constantly searching for loans and submitting their request to different lenders for the loans, they might seem overly eager to obtain a loan. People nowadays request loans and search for them even if they don’t want them. This is why keeping inquiries low is essential, which also goes for credit cards.

  1. Ask for high credit

Seeking higher credit limits will bring down the rate of usage of credit cards. It will instantly improve the CIBIL score if the utilisation is low. If the borrower has a steady income and keeps their credit or loan repayment in check, they can seek higher credit or loans.

  1. Keep the loans mixed.

Lots of unsecured and less secured loans will drag down the credit score. Hence, the customer should keep it a mix of more mortgage loans like a loan against property in Delhi NCR and lesser unsecured loans to improve their CIBIL score. Also, the borrower should always try to pay off the unsecured loans first and then pay the secured debts and loans. A healthy mix of the two types of loans will increase the CIBIL score.


In conclusion, if a customer wants to increase or enhance their CIBIL score, they should try to repay the unpaid outstanding amount of the unsecured loans and limit their credit card utilisation. Finway FSC is a promising financial company and one of the best investment advisory services that provide unsecured and personal loans.