October is much bigger than all our “For You” pages, featuring orange thumbnails in honor of the spooky season. In Munich, Bavaria, Germany, the month features an annual beer festival called “Oktoberfest.”

It’s one of the many things the city is known for. The festival started as a celebration of the royal marriage between King Ludwig I of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen in 1810.

It’s a tradition as old as those times, but, like Christmas, people now celebrate it more for the culture—the lederhosen, the amazing beer, the delicious Bavarian food, and the (chicken) dance and music—than what it represents.

October is particularly busy for brokers like TopJet, who arranged private jet charters for some of the 5.7 million visitors who attended Oktoberfest last year.

Let’s get this number to where it was before the pandemic by chartering a private jet to Germany. This mode of travel is the ultimate way to reach your destination—here’s why.

1. Get There on Time

Getting to Munich quickly and comfortably is paramount when you’re eager to kick off the festivities. You don’t want to miss that fun fair, do you?

Private jets are not subject to the same long check-in lines and security checks as commercial flights. They can be arranged on short notice—we’re talking same-day flights—with brokers like TopJet, who have most operators of private jet charters on speed dial.

With no layovers or waiting at departure lounges—that have only increased for commercial flights—you can minimize travel time and maximize your enjoyment at Oktoberfest.


2. Fly on Your Terms and Time

When you charter a private jet, you dictate your flight schedule. No more conforming to the rigid timetables of commercial airlines. No more getting to the airport two or three hours before a takeoff that is scheduled at an ungodly hour.

You can arrive at the airport 20 or 30 minutes before a takeoff scheduled for you and anyone traveling with you. You can get to Germany when it suits you best and depart Munich when the party ends or when a commitment forces you away from the festivities.

Private jet charters ensure you make the most of your Oktoberfest experience by getting you in and out of there on time.

3. Prepare for the Festivities

Private jets aren’t just a vessel for travel. Where massive commercial planes are cramped, crowded, and congested, private jets provide you with all the leg space, comfort, and privacy you need to rest up before you touchdown, and the fun begins.

You can have plenty of space to stretch out, enjoy a drink, and relax before the beer-fueled revelry begins, even on the smallest private jets. They are a luxurious, not to mention affordable, way to prepare for the festivities.

4. Carry All the Luggage You’ll Need

Most commercial airliners allow every passenger to have one carry-on luggage and check in one suitcase or a large bag of up to 70 lbs. Even a pound over that limit, and you may have to pay an insane fee to get your luggage on the aircraft.

The exercise is tedious, time-consuming, and comes with no guarantee that your luggage will arrive at your destination in one piece or at all. I’ve heard one too many stories of luggage getting lost in transit to recommend commercial travel.

With a private jet, you don’t have to worry whether your luggage will arrive with you or deal with baggage claim. Private jet passengers typically have more lenient luggage allowances and can bring what they need for Oktoberfest without the hassle.

Will the leniency be reduced with more passengers on board? Yes. However, the limit will likely stay above what commercial airliners allow.

Plus, the alternative is flying commercial to a different continent, which is a reason in and of itself to prefer private aviation.


5. Travel in Groups Without the Requisite Stress

Chartering a private jet can be more cost-effective than purchasing multiple first-class tickets if you’re attending Oktoberfest with friends or colleagues.

If the travel costs aren’t an issue, consider that you get to be together from finish to end. First or business class is often spaced out on commercial aircraft. If you’re traveling in economy, you might not even get to sit together.

Private jets allow your little posse to stick together and move around should you need to get away for a minute or two. The flexibility is what makes this option an excellent one for group travel.

6. A Chance to Land Closer to Your Destination

With commercial airline companies reverting to larger aircraft to reduce airport traffic, it’s almost impossible to touchdown at an airport closer to Munich if it has a small runway.

Due to their smaller size, private jets can often land at smaller, more convenient airports closer to your destination, saving you time on the following road trip.

In other words, you get to fly directly into Munich and get ready to raise your stein to Oktoberfest in no time!

Make the latest edition of this festival even more memorable with a private charter flight. Let TopJet help you book a private jet to fly out of the US on the same day. Explore fleet suggestions online and pick the right one for you and your friends.

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About the Author

Sloane Lee travels for a living. She technically writes a travel column for a living, meaning she gets paid for having fun—the jetlag is worth it! She’s boarded more than a few private jets in her three-year career, most with her coworkers, and they have positively ruined commercial travel for her. She can be found playing video games or picking up a new hobby when she’s not airborne or writing.