Of the smoke-ables, the cigar is debatably the most luxurious. Over the years, the stylishly rolled stogie has been given the kind of position we usually reserve for objects like fine wine and truffles. In this article, we will discuss how can you smoke a cigar.

Smoking a cigar is an inordinate method to unwind or rejoice on a special occasion. Before you smoke a cigar, you have to distinguish how to select the right kind, cut the cigar, and light the cigar. 

Lighting a cigar is all about enjoying the taste, of its place of inhaling the smoke. It is ideal to find one of the best firms for buying golf course cigars and accessories. If you want to learn how to smoke a cigar like a pro in no time at all, just follow these steps.

  • Cut The Cigar

Using a cutter, slice just the lid off the cigar. Most people cut too much; shoot for 1/8th of an inch.

  • Toast The Foot

Holding the cigar at a 45-degree viewpoint, apply heat to the foot of the cigar although rotating a few times to sincere the tobacco for easier lighting. 

  • Light The Cigar

Without allowing the flame really touch the cigar, mildly put it a few times (without inhaling) until you feel the smoking in your mouth.

  • Mask Sure It’s Evenly Lit

Look at the foot of the cigar and casually blow on it to confirm it’s consistently lit. You want the complete end glowing; re-light until this is accomplished or else the cigar will burn unequally. 

  • Smoke And Enjoy

To smoke without gulping, draw in over your mouth as if you’re sucking on a straw. Close off your nasal passageway and puff every 30-60 seconds.

  • Handle Your Ash

Let the ash produce about an inch before drumming off. No wonderful the cigar in the tray; a gentle blow along the edge will do.


The above-mentioned information will let you know how can you smoke a cigar. You can find one of the best firms for buying the best golf course cigars and accessories at reasonable prices.

About the Author:

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