How to keep your kitchen marble vanity tops clean when there’s a party going on? Well, it’s one of the most common concerns of homeowners. Marble is a delicate natural stone with a luxurious appeal. Thus, most people add marble to their kitchen décor. This timeless beauty can make your kitchen look more sophisticated and elegant. And you must care for them correctly to retain their shine and gorgeousness. But what if one of your guests spills wine on your marble counter? Well, it can happen in parties. And we’ve come up with the solutions for that in the below blog post.

6 Tips to Protect Your Kitchen Vanity Tops During a House Dinner

How to protect your marble kitchen counter during a dinner party?

Hosting a dinner party isn’t easy when you’ve got marble designs in your kitchen interior. People love sitting around marble-topped vanity. No matter how you try someone will spill something on it. And you can’t make your guests feel that they’ve to follow a rule when they visit your house. So, what can you do? Here’re 6 tips,

1. Seal your marble vanity beforehand.

One of the best ways to protect your marble top from the wear and tear of a house party is to seal them. Here’s how,

i) Clean the marble by dabbing and wiping the surface with acetone-soaked sponges.

ii) Apply the 1st coat of the sealant on the stone using foam brushes and applicator pads.

iii) Let it sit for 20-25 minutes and wipe the excess sealant from the counter with soft rags.

iv) Apply the 2nd coat of the sealant like the previous steps and leave it for 15-20 minutes to dry off.

v)  Once the marble is completely dry, buff the surface with a microfiber cloth to remove the excess sealant from it.

2. Serve drinks on coasters for your guests.

Coaters are a great tool to protect your marble counter from any fluids in your kitchen. If you’re serving drinks (with/without alcohol), ensure to use coasters.

3. Keep the fun games away from your marble.

Are those even a party where there’re no fun games? Well, no. But when you’ve got a beautiful marble vanity in your kitchen, you must be careful. Take your games far away from your counter. The garden or rooftop can be a great option.

4. Wipe spills immediately without any hesitation.

Even if you’ve put coasters, spills can happen. And if you find any, ensure to wipe it down as soon as possible.

i) Take paper towels and blot up the spill as much as you can.

ii) Prepare a soapy solution with gentle soap and clean water to wipe the surface.

iii) Wipe the area again with clean water and let it dry for a few minutes.

5. Use trivets when serving food for your guests.

Don’t serve hot food directly on the marble counter. It can harm your marble. Use designer trivets to serve dinner plates/pots. With an enchanting look, they can enhance your interior and protect your marble.

6. Use cutting boards when cutting fruit slices or making salads.

Never cut any fruits/vegetables (acidic or not) directly on your marble vanity. Use plastic/wooden cutting boards for the purpose and keep your marble safe.

Are you worried about ruining your kitchen marble vanity tops for your next house dinner party? All you’ll have to do is follow some precautionary tips. And we hope this blog will help you with that.