To keep every part of the body healthy, consuming a diet rich in all nutrients is necessary. Including essential nutrients in your diet benefits your overall health. Superfoods can save you from many serious diseases. You may grow old Skin, hair, eyes, etc., but remain healthy.

Today, almost everyone wants to improve their health. People adopt different diets and go to the gym to build a good body. Many people have made a good body by going to a special diet and gym, while some people also take the help of superfoods for good health. Let us tell you that even a good diet is insufficient. If you want to make up for the deficiency in your diet, you should include superfoods, so let’s know about a few best superfood brands.

1. Paje Powder

Paje Powder Superfoods improve your health by boosting your breakfast or lunch. They sell superfoods, fruits and vegetables, herbs, roots, bark powders, and other natural products. This simplifies incorporating highly nutritious foods into your daily healthy diet. In-house, each product is carefully hand packed. Their entire line of superfood pouches is available in various sizes and purchasing options, allowing you to choose what works best.  

Paje works with Brazil’s best producers and suppliers to bring you the highest quality and health benefits of superfoods, vegetables, fruits, and more. Furthermore, all the products are Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Fairtrade certified, and FDA approved. Apply our Paje Powders Coupon Code for massive savings. 

2. Banyan Botanicals

Banyan Botanicals is the world’s leading supplier of Ayurvedic superfoods and herbs, with near unrivaled quality and sourcing standards. The vast majority of their products are organic, and the few that aren’t are grown to organic standards on farms transitioning to fully certified organic status.  

They only buy herbs from farms that pay fair trade, living wages to their employees, and grow or wildcraft herbs in harmony with nature. Banyan offers a wide range of difficult to find Ayurvedic herbs and superfood herbal blends designed to balance the three doshas in Ayurvedic medicine.  

3. Maca

Because of its capacity to balance hormones, maca has recently become popular. Many people find maca highly beneficial for thyroid, adrenal, and monthly hormone swings. However, maca was only meant to be eaten cooked because that is how it is most helpful. One of the first retailers of maca was Whole World Botanicals, which exclusively provides it in its cooked, or gelatinized, form.  

Whole World Botanicals is a fantastic company selling high-quality superfoods such as maca. Also, while the price may appear high initially, each bottle contains 210 servings. Viana Muller co-founded the company to work with native Peruvians to provide people with traditional medicinal herbs. She researched maca use extensively and returned some profits to native Peruvians. 

Brands ride the Superfoods wave

4. Mikuna

Ricky Echenique, a fifth generation Ecuadorian farmer, and former professional athlete, founded this single source, plant-based protein powder. It’s made from chocho, a powerful lupin harvested by indigenous farmers for thousands of years. The protein in the Andes Mountains contains plant fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, all nine essential amino acids, and the same calcium as a glass of milk per serving.  

Furthermore, it is naturally regenerative, thriving on rainwater alone and drawing nitrogen deep into the soil as it grows, making it more fertile for future crops. There are three varieties available: pure chocolate, vanilla, and cacao, and each blends seamlessly into anything from smoothies to veggie burgers.  

5. LiveKuna

LiveKuna was founded to promote and restore superfood consumption to its roots. LiveKuna works directly with Ecuadorian farmers to supply superfoods that are distributed globally. Carlos Gutiérrez and Santiago Stacey started with chia seeds and expanded to include other locally grown superfoods like quinoa and amaranth in cereals, pasta, and snack puffs. LiveKuna’s products contain three main ingredients: chia seeds, quinoa, and rice. All of its products are gluten free and suitable for baking and cooking. All of LiveKuna’s products are available on the company’s website.  

6. Navitas Naturals

Navitas Naturals has an impressive full spectrum, organic, and non GMO superfood line. They have a unique and effective line of medicinal foods and superfoods that includes everything. One thing that distinguishes efficient guys is their dedication to transparency and education. Their website lists the countries and growing/sourcing practices for each specific product and provides fascinating insights into their nutritional aspects, uses, and several superfoods.  

Nativas is one of the best superfood brands on the planet and a favorite in every healthy kitchen since it is delicious, healthy, and pure. Their superfoods are low temperature dried to protect nutrients, enzymes, and delicate plant chemicals. The best part is that their goods are exceptionally well made, potent, fresh, and reasonably priced. 

7. Aloha

Aloha offers a stunning selection of whole food vitamins, protein bars, medicinal teas, green superfood powders, and more. Their product line contains organic primarily foods that are sweetened with stevia, monk fruit extract, coconut sugar, agave inulin, and other natural sweeteners. They are becoming one of the strongest and best superfood brands.   

A daily serving of superfoods is deliciously simple thanks to their handy single-serve greens powder packs. Their products are also non GMO, vegan, kosher, dairy, gluten, and soy free.