What if we start this prose by asking you a question today? Would you mind? If not, then kindly let us know, are you informed about Doshas and Yogas in your horoscope? No? Ok, we must tell you that they play a crucial role in improving and worsening your life to a great extent. Yes, you heard that right! It means Doshas and Yogas are no less than happiness and sorrow in your life where the latter build your life and the former ruins it big time. For example, suppose that there is a Business Yoga in your birth chart. In that case, tomorrow if you plan to begin a small-scale or large-scale company, Yogas will help facilitate the entire job for you and also boost the likelihood of your entity getting success down the line. On the other hand, if there is a Dosha in your Kundali associated with your business possibility, it will prevent you from getting success in the entrepreneurial line and also create more problems for you than you can ever think of. Therefore, it is essential to make the most of Yogas and get riddance from Doshas as early as possible in your life. But, the question is, who can help you out in this whole process? Well, a Top astrologer in Long Island could come in handy in this case.

Yes, you read that right! Only when you contact them, they will tell you what to do and what not to do to make your life run without any issues even when you have a major Dosha in your birth chart. But, how can an Indian Astrologer in New York help you achieve such goals? You might want to know. To be frank, they will give you certain remedies or solutions to minimize the effects of Doshas in your life which will boost your chances of getting success in the job you are doing, resulting in accomplishing your goals sooner than later. Not just that! If you want to ask some additional questions about any Dosha or Yoga present in your natal chart, a good soothsayer will also allow you to do that and render the relevant responses to the same. Ok? Got it? If yes, it is time to look at the most instrumental topic in this content piece, i.e.,

What are some key Doshas that influence your life according to a Top astrologer in Long Island?

Before we let you learn that, first let’s cognize how Doshas and Yogas work in real life. Yes. Then, listen that your birth chart or astrological chart is filled with many stars and planets. And the position of these stars and planets, no matter favorable or unfavorable, creates different types of changes in your life. A case in point here is that if a malefic celestial object is placed in your horoscope, it may cause certain terrible impacts on your life that may harm you unexpectedly at a sooner or a later stage. And if you are not well-equipped with a birth chart or Janam Kundli, we must inform you that it is a massive diagram that shows how various planets were positioned exactly when you took birth on this planet. Please remember that the place and time of your birth is extremely important to understand various Yogas and Doshas in your Kundali.

What’s more? The moment a Vadic Astrologer in New York takes a glimpse of Doshas and Yogas in your Kundali, it becomes a breeze to identify the sad and content situations that you may experience ahead in your life. Apart from all this, you need to keep one thing in mind some Doshas in the horoscope is more powerful and impactful than others. That means the damage they may cause in your life will also be higher in intensity than the rest of the Doshas out there. Ok?

So, now that you have got a brief understanding of Doshas and Yogas in the horoscope, it is time to read in detail about the positions and arrangements of different heavenly objects that results in a Kundli Dosha:

  • Mangal Dosha

Do you know what is the main cause of the occurrence of Mangal Dosha in someone’s birth chart? No? Then, we must inform you that it often happens due to the placement of Mars in different houses. And one of the most common Doshas which is found in a higher number of astrological charts is Kuja Dosha or Mangal Dosha. Yes. This is one of those highly influential Doshas which compels individuals to face many issues in their life.

And the main sign or let’s say symptom of the occurrence of Mangal Dosha is the non-favorable placement of Mars planet in various fellows’ astrological charts. For example, if an Indian Astrologer in New York observes that the heavenly object Mars is in the 1st house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house, or 12th house in your horoscope, a Mangal Dosha comes into action immediately. As a result of this particular Dosha, you may experience an imbalance in marital bliss post your marriage.

  • Kaal Sarp Dosha

Now before you ask, we must state to you that Kala Sarp Dosha is caused owing to the incorrect placement of all the planets that fall between Rahu & Ketu. Yes. A Kaal Sarp Dosha is one of the famous Doshas in astrological charts that plays a great role in making the lives difficult for various folks out there.

Still didn’t understand? Ok, we will explain it to you with a more comprehensive example. Suppose that Rahu is in the Aries and Ketu is in the Scorpio when you peep into your horoscope. So, if the remaining seven planets come between Rahu-Ketu and zodiac signs Libra and Taurus, you will have a Kaal Sarp Dosha for sure. And the result? Well, you will face a series of setbacks and bad luck in your life.

  • Pitru Dosha

Coming to Pitru Dosha, a Vadic Astrologer in New York says that it takes place because of the unsuitable placement of the Sun/Moon concerning Rahu/Ketu in one’s natal chart. Ok? And the biggest identification of Pitru Dosh is the positioning of Saturn and Rahu in the Kundli, accompanied by the Sun or Moon. And you might not know this but the truth is that the origins of the Pitru Dosh actually refer to the Karmic obligation of ancestors. Hence, you might be surprised to know that this Dosha in one’s Kundli appears due to:

  1. The bad deeds of their ancestors
  2. Unsatisfied souls unable to rest, or
  3. Some wrong things are done by the ancestors themselves in their past life

Resultantly, the people having this kind of Dosha in their horoscope come across a lot of pains and sufferings in their lives unexpectedly. Besides that, you will also see the effects of this Dosha on your:

  1. Personal life
  2. Interaction with others, and
  3. Family dynamics

And the most important thing! If the conjunction of the Sun or Moon to Rahu or Ketu occurs in the 1st, 5th, 8th, or 9th house, its effects become extremely dangerous.

  • Nadi Dosha

A Top astrologer in Long Island believes that the main cause of the occurrence of Nadi Dosha is the difference found in the Nadi of a potential couple.

Now if you do not have any idea of Nadi up until now, we would try to make you understand as easily as possible. You can assume Nadi is one of the most monumental characteristics that people match with the help of the Ashtakoota method during the Kundali Milan process before someone’s wedding. And the three main Nadi subtypes that exist as of now are:

  1. Aadi
  2. Madhya
  3. Antya

Be mindful, with 8 Guna out of the total 36, it is the most imperative characteristic of the male and female Kundli Milan process. And just for your information purposes, Nadi dosh represents a situation where two Nadis in the horoscope don’t align well with each other. As a result, it causes several difficulties with children and several troubles while managing one’s marriage.

  • Guru Chandal Dosh

Perhaps, this is one of the least-known Doshas in the field of astrology. Yes. But the cause? Well, this Dosha comes into the picture only when the planet Jupiter is placed with Rahu or Ketu. Now you might be aware of the fact that Guru (Jupiter) is deemed the wisest and most powerful among all planets, but its conjunction with Rahu and Ketu doesn’t appear to be beneficial. Wondering why? Then, we must notify you that this celestial object of justice, wisdom, education, and Dharma could bring several headaches to your life if it combines with Rahu or Ketu in your natal chart. For instance, it could bring instability in your life and hinder various things in your surrounding, such as:

  1. Wealth
  2. Education, and
  3. Optimism


  • Grahan Dosha
  • Shani Dosha

The takeaway

So did you perceive what kind of Doshas could crop up in your horoscope and what kind of woes they could bring to your life? If yes, kindly meet the most praised astrological personnel on the internet now if you want to learn the most relevant remedies or solutions to any Dosha that might be lying in your birth chart.