Rewards and recognition at work are often based on the performance of employees. Employees deserve recognition and appreciation for reaching sales targets, closing significant deals, or reducing the time it takes to resolve complaints.

These are the fundamental reasons employees are hired. The reverse is often true. People who dislike their job are usually working in hostile environments. Each member of the company is responsible for creating and maintaining a culture. It is also a key part of their success stories. Yet, employers often fail to recognize and appreciate the many small ways that employees foster a unique company culture for Employer of Record.

1. Humility

While everyone loves to take credit, only a few people will admit their mistakes. Pay attention when you see such an employee. This requires immediate recognition of his willingness to learn and change. Only by employees taking responsibility for correcting mistakes, can the workplace experience a refreshing transformation.

2. Adaptability

Recognize employees who are able to adapt to changing needs and provide solutions. They are the ones who can take on challenges while still performing well.

This is a vital trait for start-ups due to the rapid changes it experiences. They won’t be able meet the expectations of the market if they don’t have adaptable employees.

3. Teamwork

Our world is already competitive and everyone views the other as a threat. It is therefore a blessing to have workers who can communicate well with one another. This quality should be celebrated publicly and with tangible rewards. It will also encourage employees to work together as a team. Without this, a company can’t succeed.

4. Ability to solve problems

Instead of merely stating the problem, let your employees bring you the solution. They will help you make the right decisions and move your company forward. They are leaders, and they deserve all the praise.

5. Confidence

Confident employees are more likely to succeed. Many workers lack self-confidence, which can lead to a decrease in their productivity and lower performance. It is your responsibility as an owner or employer to ensure that employees feel happy about themselves. Employees can feel valued and appreciated by their employers.

6. Dependability

Dependable workers require less supervision and can take responsibility for sensitive or confidential issues. Employers look for this quality in their employees. They ensure that there is no work pending and that the company runs smoothly. It is wise to recognize reliable employees. This concludes our list of employee behaviors that are worthy of recognition. Are there any employee characteristics that you value and encourage? Please share them in the comments.

7. Analytical behavior

Analyzing situations and solving problems is what the analytical team member enjoys. Analytical people prefer to work on predictable projects. They love finding obstacles and potential complications, rather than working out how to solve them. You can encourage an analytical team member to be more creative and open to finding solutions to the problems they find.