Mattresses are essential component of bedding and there is no doing away with it. It not only ensures a comfortable sleep, but also takes care of your spine. It is integral to select the right mattress for your bed, as it will determine the quality of your sleep directly, which in turn influences your health.
There are several parameters to know and select the right product for you, following which will make your purchase economical and effective. From size to thickness, the variety is huge and there a lot of grades of quality as well. However, some factors are essential to check before buying a mattress compare to other. Here are 7 such very important factors.

1. Know the Right Time to Purchase a Mattress
You may think that the right time to purchase a mattress is when you need it, but that may not be enough. Once you have one, you cannot be using it until the end of time and need to replace them. So, when is the right time to replace your mattress? Well studies say that it should be done every 8 years to ensure quality sleep. However, it may vary depending upon health problems and others.
2. Know Which Mattress is Suitable for Your Body Type and Weight
From the curvature of your spine to your weight, everything matters when it comes to the comfort that your mattress can provide you. There should be almost no gap between the curvature of your spine and the surface. For people who have heavy built and weight, should opt for Memory foam mattress compared to any other types, as it provides support to the right pressure points. This helps prevent body aches and does not make one feel lethargic.

3. Know the Firmness Level Suitable For Your Sleeping Pattern
Our spine has to be supported just at the right pressure points, with the right amount of firmness. If it is too firm, your spine is pushed too hard which results in body aches and altering the proper alignment of your body. On the other hand, too soft mattresses do not support those pressure points properly, leading to your spine and body posture becoming floppy. If you are someone, who sleeps on his or her side then you need a flexible mattress that can properly accommodate the curves of your body.

4. Know Which Type of Mattress Will Work the Best for You
Depending on your age, requirement and general habits, different types of mattress will work differently for you. For example, if you are aged, then you need better back and spine support and should go for Memory Foam or HR Foam mattresses. Memory foam also works best for those struggling with sleep or body ache problems. If you want a softer bed, then you should go for Dual Comfort Mattress.
5. Fix the Budget Range
You will encounter a range of prices when it comes to buying quality sleep, but that does not mean that you should keep increasing your budget. Often times, the prices are uselessly elated and do not mean that it offers superior quality. You should do thorough market research, and decide upon a price range before actually making a purchase.
6. Check the Warranty That the Mattress Offers
Warranty is an important factor while purchasing a mattress as it ensures us about its reliability. Since, it is not every day that you purchase or replace it; a mattress you buy should have a warranty period of a minimum of 8 to 9 years.
7. Consider Any Medical Issues to Be an Important Factor
Health problems like backache, cervical spondylosis and other spine related problems, should consult a physician before choosing a mattress. Another important factor is, choosing the material of your mattress for people struggling with allergies. Natural materials like cotton, work better than others for someone prone to allergies.

These simple but crucial factors are often ignored, as people only consider the size and quality while purchasing mattresses. Hope you keep in mind these factors before buying a mattress online, as it will help you get the best sleeping experience and make your purchase worth the money.