Fighting is not a true example of a toxic relationship. Sometimes, it makes your patience level, care and love stronger in a relationship. But, you must know when to keep patience and when to stop. A certified relationship specialist has a significant role in assisting you to have a healthy relationship.

7 Signs You Need a Relationship Counseling

People usually need help understanding when to contact a relationship specialist. Here are seven factors that indicate that you need relationship counseling.

  1. Repeated Issues

Do you feel like you and your partner have the same argument on a particular issue? That one particular topic may come up again and again, leaving both of you annoyed and irritated.

For example, you may have told your partner to be on time for dates, or clear the trash so many times. While these may appear not to be that important, however, these trivial things may also annoy the other person in a relationship.

There can be many more important issues that you and your partner fail to solve. A certified relationship specialist can get to the root of these issues and find out some practical solutions.

  2. You Bicker All Time

To come to a decision, a person needs to consider several things. However, when there are differences of opinion in a relationship about a specific topic that’s important to both you and your partner, it creates complexities.

Different opinions of you and your partner can develop arguments and your relationship can take a toll. Sometimes, these situations can take you to a state of emotional trauma in which you feel helpless and unsafe being together.

If you feel that you and your partner can’t have a conversation without fighting, it’s time to contact a certified trauma & relationship specialist.

  3. There is a Communication Gap

When you are not comfortable with each other, you can not share your feelings and thoughts. Also, anger, misunderstandings, and a lot of reasons can create distance between two people. Over time, frequent fights make you reluctant to talk with each other.

Communication issues are common and serious problems in a relationship. Without effective conversation, both partners can feel invalidated, neglected, or disrespected.

Through relationship counseling, you and your partner can understand why and how to open up to one another. It will also help you understand each other’s points through discussion. Your relationship specialist can assist you in expressing your emotions without employing blame or bitterness toward your partner.

  4. You’ve Felt Major Changes in Life

There are so many factors, getting married, having a child, facing illness, or even making a new career, can affect a relationship. You may find your partner behaving differently from what they used to before. Or, you miss small talks or things you both used to enjoy before.

Also, changes can’t always be negative; it can be starting a new journey, like getting married, having a baby, etc. These factors are some of the crucial chapters of your life and you may need some guidance to continue them smoothly. Your counselor can guide you on how to manage, and prepare for new changes and challenges in life ahead.

  5. You Have a Frustrating Intimate Life

Sex is one of the major reasons that couples fall out. Sexual needs vary from person to person. So, it is very common that you have mismatched sex drives. You may have found yourself arguing with your partner about exploring something that he/she does not prefer.

When there is a lack of sexual attachment, it feels like losing the chemistry in your relationship. You don’t need to worry if you don’t want to go to a sex therapist. A certified relationship specialist can solve your sexual issues in a mutually productive way.

  6. Your Wishes Do Not Align

Most couples have so many dreams and goals when they are at a young age. Over time they find their goals and aspirations have changed. One among them may have changed their mind about marriage, having a baby, buying a house, or pursuing a life differently.

Suggestions and advice from your relationship counselor can help you and your partner find a mutual solution to the conflict in your relationship.

  7. A Lack of Trust in Your Relationship

They say that trust is the pillar of a relationship. When the pillars are weak, they cannot make a strong construction. A lack of trust is a common issue in a relationship.

One among a couple often seems to be secretive. Hiding things and facts from your partner can create suspicion or mistrust in their mind. Also, if you cannot share your thoughts and emotions with your partner, you really need to figure out the reason.

Through counseling by a certified relationship specialist, you and your partner can work out the factor of why you cannot be honest with each other. Relationship counseling helps you overcome toxic emotional baggage.

The Bottom Line

It is always better to have an expert’s advice before walking out of a relationship. A renowned and certified relationship specialist encourages healthy communication between couples, gives space to discuss their emotions, and teaches you how to handle difficult situations with ease.