NEET is one of the toughest exams faced by a student in his life. It is not possible for a student to prepare and excel in the exam only by studying in school. Schools have a particular methodology that they have been following for ages. But to crack these exams, your child needs a different approach.

Lots of coaching centers are there that offer NEET preparation courses. But you need someone who can guide your child to succeed. So, here’s a checklist that you need to follow while choosing the right coaching institute for NEET.

1. Past Records and Credentials

Credentials matter greatly since you are looking for definite results. Choose an institute with records of having most students clear the NEET exam. If they know their craft, they can teach your child. Asking for a quick review from your known ones would be icing on the cake. You can also talk to a few students who have cleared NEET in previous years.

2. Teaching Methods

It is important that the institute use new approaches. If they use the same techniques as schools, what’s the point in spending a lot of bucks for these classes? The institute must help your child build strong bases in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. He needs to learn the basics and then learn new techniques to handle tough questions. The institute must follow a proper plan and routine to help your child excel. Regular tests should be there to help your child be exam-ready.

3. Distance

These days, many institutes offer online classes, but you can always choose an offline class as this will give your child the exam center feel. Also, interacting with other students will help him to get into that competitive mode. But choosing a coaching center away from your home will not be a good idea. Your child has to spend a lot of time at his school. So, choose an institute in close proximity to your home. If you happen to stay in Guwahati choose a NEET coaching center in Guwahati that is near to your place.

4. Teacher Qualification and Teacher-student Ratio

You need to know about the teacher’s qualifications before sending your child to the institute. The teacher should be capable enough of handling this tough schedule before teaching your child. Besides this, you need to know about the teacher-student ratio there. For how many students is a teacher available? If there are lots of students and teachers are a few, your child may not get the adequate attention he requires to understand those chapters properly!

5. Personal Approach

Not every student is strong enough to ask his queries in front of the whole class. Most students shy away from facing the wrath of the teacher and mock by their classmates. If your child is shy, you need to ensure that the coaching center offers a personal approach to every student. The teachers must be compassionate and understanding. They should understand your child’s problems and help him through this. Institutes like Chaitanya NEET academy provide personal counseling sessions, which will help your child a lot.

6. Study Material

The institute must provide your child with proper study materials curated by keeping the NEET format in mind. The study materials must include assessment parts for regular practices. You can also help your child in practice in your free time.

7. Fee

Most coaching centers ask for a hefty amount for the NEET preparations. If they provide you with an ample amount of facilities, the fee is justified. You have to check on different institutes, their fee structure, teaching methods, and success rates. You will understand which institute is best for your child. Paying a certain fee is justified only when you get a good result.

Conclusion: Institutes like Chaitanya Bharathi Academy – CBA provide their students with proper NEET guidelines. Your responsibility is to find the best NEET coaching center in Guwahati for your child. So, do your research and get him admission to the best institute in your vicinity.