7 Upgrades to Add Elegance to Your Kitchen

While the kitchen is likely your most-used area at home, that doesn’t mean it has to look prosaic. If you want flair and sophistication in your home, consider upgrading your kitchen little by little. From modern kitchen tapware to pendant lighting, here’s how you can elevate the look and feel of your kitchen.

1. Revamp Your Countertops

Most of your activities in the kitchen occur on the countertops, from chopping vegetables to prepping ingredients. Since you use your countertops often, you might be tired of seeing the same ordinary countertop daily.

If that’s the case, consider revamping your countertops. Not only will it make you more satisfied, but it can give your kitchen a clean yet elegant appearance. A stunning marble or granite countertop surface is among the choices you can consider.

2. Upgrade Your Tapware

If your kitchen tapware is worn out and rusty, it’s time to change it. Since you’re aiming to add flair to your kitchen, don’t settle for a commonplace set. Choose tapware with a brass or bronze finish for a unique yet refined look.

On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with the classic nickel or chrome finish for a contemporary kitchen. Regardless of your chosen finish and style, tapware must blend seamlessly with your kitchen’s interior design.

3. Place Pendant Lighting

Aside from elevating the look of your kitchen, pendant lighting works wonders in illuminating the space. The pendant lighting also becomes the statement piece of the kitchen. If you’re looking for a practical yet stylish upgrade, you won’t regret setting up pendant lighting.

4. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Paint your kitchen cabinets for a pop of colour. Don’t be afraid to choose bold colours since these can add character to your dream kitchen. Whether you prefer a neutral or rich colour, it’s crucial to paint your cabinets a colour that aligns with your taste while also suiting the space.

5. Repaint the Walls

Another option to consider if you don’t want to paint your cabinets is painting the kitchen walls. Since your kitchen has various cabinetry, shelves, and appliances, there’s likely limited wall space to paint. Fortunately, this means you’ll spend less time painting the walls. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the wall paint turning into the focal point if you choose a bold colour.

6. Upgrade Your Kitchen Counter Stools

There’s no reason to have the standard bar stools for your kitchen space. If you want to heighten your kitchen’s look without splurging too much, upgrading your bar stools with chic yet sturdy options is your best bet. You can choose between a bistro stool or a Lucite chair for a unique touch.

7. Pick Roman Blinds for Your Windows

If your kitchen has windows, choose roman blinds instead of curtains. Blinds are often easier to maintain and provide a distinct look to your kitchen without hogging all the attention. For the colour, you must choose a fabric cohesive with the palette of your wall paint, cabinetry, and countertops.

Whether changing tapware or installing new lighting, these smaller, bite-sized upgrades will elevate your kitchen’s overall look and feel. Aside from upgrading your kitchen tapware and fixtures, artfully decorating the space will significantly add flair to the heart of your home. Enjoy your upgraded kitchen!