Most people understand that the way your house looks says a lot about your personality and creative style. For this reason, many homemakers ensure that they have the best materials in their house that showcase a comfortable, welcoming, and luxurious space. One of the most important elements that add the extra touch to your home décor is a collection of custom mirrors!

When you choose custom mirrors installation Dallas to improve the décor of your home, you have a range of options that can make your house look cozy, stylish, modern, or traditional. In fact, if you are adventurous enough, you can design something creative to add different custom mirrors to your house.

Let’s talk about various types of custom mirrors that you can choose from and see how they can help you make a statement!

Types of Custom Mirrors

Following are some common custom mirrors used for residential purposes:

Framed or Frameless Glass Mirrors

Framed glass mirrors Dallas and frameless glass mirrors Dallas are perfect for bathroom vanities and hallways. They are usually large mirrors, so they take up enough space to cover a good part of your wall, but they are perfect for daily grooming needs. If you plan to install them in your bathroom, you’ll find that they reflect light to illuminate the figure in the mirror. Frameless mirrors look better as standoff mirrors Dallas as compared to framed mirrors.

Two-way Mirrors

Two-way mirrors have one side that reflects and the other that does not. Basically, it’s glass on one side and a mirror on the other. Two-way mirrors are mostly used in professional settings, like an interrogation room, but if you wish to keep a room hidden in your house, you can install a two-way mirror to keep curious eyes away.

Standing Full-Length Mirror

Standing mirrors can be framed, or frameless glass mirrors Dallas. They are often placed inside a bedroom for a head-to-toe look. For those who have a corner of their bedroom free from any clutter, they should add a standing full-length mirror to use the space wisely.

standing mirrors for bedrooms

Mounted Mirror

You can get custom mirrors installation Dallas to mount mirrors in your living room, bedroom, dining space, or bathroom. Mounted mirrors can be floating mirrors Dallas if you install them in bathrooms. They look sleek with their modern appearance.

Ways to Use Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors add a luxurious look to your house’s interior space by simply hanging or standing in a room. Now let’s take a quick look at how to use these mirrors to impress your guests!

The Space Between Kitchen Cabinets and Counter

This space is called backsplash, and it’s often neglected because the cabinets and kitchen counters are what people think about when renovating. If you want to make your kitchen stand out, you should replace the backsplash with a mirror. The reflective surface will add a unique feature to your kitchen.

Mirrors on the Wall for Art

A mirror does not have to serve a purpose, especially when it’s custom mirrors installation Dallas. Just order the design you like and install the mirrors to form a unique wall art. The mirrors can differ in shape. In fact, we recommend that you opt for different geometric shapes that will create a masterpiece on one of your walls.

Make a Statement with Doors

Not everyone has wall space to add custom mirrors. However, people have doors, and you can use yours to hang some framed glass mirrors Dallas. These decorative mirrors will add a stylish feature to your décor without having to compromise wall space. Door mirrors are practical, too. You can install a full-length mirror and use them to get dressed for work in the morning.

Mirrors for Staircase

A great addition to your house can be mirrors on the walls of your staircase. It brightens up the small structure and makes it look well-lit. You can have different sizes of mirrors covering the wall of your staircase to add a creative element to it. Mirrors on stairs are a unique feature and will surely get your guests’ attention.

Play with Shapes and Designs

You can have various styles of mirrors in your house as long as they brighten up a space. The reflective surfaces can be of different shapes and designs to complement a particular room. For example, a bathroom with floating mirrors Dallas would look luxurious, and a living room with framed glass mirrors Dallas would add to the beauty of the interior design.

Custom Mirrors for Wall

Upgrade Your Accent Wall

Mirrors can transform an accent wall into an elegant and sleek corner. If you have an accent wall in a dark color, you should install some custom mirrors to accentuate the accent wall. Without a mirror, the dark color would swallow up the room and make it look gloomier.

Cover Up Tight Spaces

Even if you don’t have room to add mirrors to your walls, you can still use some tricks. Tight spaces can look roomier and more comfortable if you place a mirror behind furniture. They can be thick-framed glass mirrors Dallas or thin, frameless glass mirrors Dallas that add depth and volume to your room.


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