Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly the most talked about technology of the time. From OK Google to Alexa and the latest AI software ChatGPT, we are completely surrounded by AI which impacts numerous essential parts of our lives in several different ways. AI has completely transformed the way we live as it is versatile enough to impact almost all sectors connected to us, from smartphone and computer applications to social media, entertainment, healthcare, education, banking, and more.


So, AI is now not just restricted to sci-fi movies but it is all real now. The world is slowly moving towards automation and technology-driven businesses. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are driving forces for corporates to generate profits. The projection for the growth of the global market of Machine Learning is from USD 7.3 Billion to USD 30.6 Billion from the year 2020 to 2024. While if you talk about Artificial Intelligence, its market value has been estimated to be USD 191 Billion in 2024.


Study Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and be a part of this lucrative industry. You can opt for courses like M.Sc Artificial Intelligence Distance Learning or online MCA in Artificial Intelligence and develop knowledge in this futuristic domain. Distance learning in this case is more useful as it allows students to put their theoretical knowledge to practice because the distance learning mode gives the flexibility to pursue internships/jobs simultaneously.


Organizations around the world are seeking AI and ML professionals and preparing themselves for the upcoming wave of digital disruption likely to be unleashed by the tech of AI and ML. There are so many more reasons to pursue Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Let us discuss them in detail.


1.      AI Is The Skill Of The Century  

We’re not even talking about a decade here, Artificial Intelligence has made such great an impact in our lives that it has been termed the skill of the century. It indeed is true that AI has been replacing a lot of human labour but at the same time, it is creating millions of job roles in many different and major sectors. The industry of AI and ML is only going to grow in the near future and that too at a fast pace.


2.                  Promising Career Opportunities 

A career in Artificial Intelligence is not only economically sound but also offers you chances to explore continuously. The career opportunities in the field of AI and ML are diverse and vast. Since the field is growing, there is still immense scope for inventions and research which will create tons of opportunities in the future to come.


The starting salary package for freshers in the field of AI and ML is around INR 6.5 to 8 LPA, while the salary goes up to INR 15-20 LPA for professionals with a few years of experience.


3.                  Highly Versatile Field 

Artificial Intelligence as already said is taking over our lives in ways we don’t even realize. From the social media and entertainment industry to the education, healthcare, security, clothing, fraud detection, finance industry, and any sort of e-business, AI and ML technologies are taking over and playing major roles in both driving profits for businesses and comfort for users.


Everything that you see around can be connected to, monitored, and managed by machines and computers using Artificial Intelligence. From home appliances to building security systems to health assistance in the medical sector to traffic control, and a lot more can be done using AI. This technology is developing and expanding at an exponential rate and so there will always be a lot of versatility in a career in Artificial Intelligence.


4.                  Data Management 

The total data in the world has crossed a freaking amount of 79 zettabytes as of 2021 and is estimated to reach a whopping 180 zettabytes by 2025. It has become increasingly difficult to humanly manage such large data sets. This is because this data now includes more digital data like images, videos, PDFs, GIFs, etc. which is difficult to manage humanly in case they are in large amounts.


Businesses in current times rely massively on data, so it is important for them that the data is managed efficiently which is why machines are trusted more than humans in this case. AI combined with ML has proved quite useful for businesses online as consumer behavior is easily analyzed and then used for the benefit of the organization.


5.                  Career Options Are Dynamic As AI Is Everywhere 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are dynamic subjects as they are applicable to a wide spectrum of sectors. You think of any sector whether healthcare, education, banking, entertainment, security, e-business, social media, retail, online customer support, traffic control, the automobile industry, smart home devices, customized recommendations on music, movies, videos, etc, are only a very few examples. Name anything and you will be able to find something related to artificial intelligence. Since AI is literally everywhere, you won’t find a dearth of jobs in this industry.


6.                  Be Future Ready 

Gone are the days when robots and self-driving cars were a thing of the future or could only be seen in movies because the future is almost here with the help of AI and ML. Artificial Intelligence is definitely the future of computer science and will have a great impact on the face of Earth. Be a part of this revolution by studying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


7.                  Online Study Options 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are subjects that can be taught and delivered completely online. There are various courses for the same like Distance M.Sc in Artificial Intelligence in India which are flexible and allow you to pursue other things simultaneously. The greatest advantage is that you can pursue a full-time job and a distance learning course in Artificial Intelligence at the same time.


Online learning is quite advantageous as it is affordable, flexible, and rewarding. The opportunity to pursue both a degree and a job at the same time helps you develop knowledge and first-hand experience at the same time.


8.                  Scope for Constant Growth

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are subjects that will always have scope for research and innovation. There are new inventions in the industry of Artificial Intelligence every other day. AI and ML professionals are constantly trying to enhance AI technology for the betterment of society. So, there will always be a lot of job opportunities in this industry. The more experience you gain, the more opportunities you will have for career growth.

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