Glass has become a defining element of modern and contemporary homes. It’s used everywhere — from floor-to-ceiling windows, glass table tops, and see-through custom-designed cabinets to framed and frameless glass stair rails, wine rooms, and shower doors.

So, if you want to know how to incorporate glass into your home’s interior for an aesthetic edge, keep reading.

Types of Glass Finishes

There’s no “one” glass type for everything. You can opt for different finishes depending on what you want to use them for. Here are a few of them:

Clear Glass

The most common choice for windows and doors is clear glass that is transparent and allows almost all light to pass through it.

Frosted Glass

This glass type is translucent and used for added privacy, making it ideal for custom shower doors, enclosures, partitions, and windows.

a living room with glass windows and cozy couches

Colored Glass

Made using metal oxides, colored glass is often used in windows and doors.

Stained Glass

Stained glass is used in homes for décor. It uses pieces of colored glass to create abstract, contemporary, and floral patterns and designs for windows, doors, and cabinets.

Patterned Glass

This type of glass uses colorful or plain patterns since it is textured and provides privacy, making it ideal for custom shower doors, windows, screens, and more.

Ways to Incorporate Glass in Your Home


Glass is almost always used in windows, especially when it comes to a modern interior. Depending on the light, design, and privacy you need, you can choose to get window panes made up of clear, stained, colored, frosted, or textured glass.


Doors made up of glass are another must-have in contemporary homes. You can install floor-to-ceiling patio doors, sliding doors, or swing doors in your living room or kitchen to access the outdoors while staying inside. You can also replace any wooden cupboards you have with clear-glass doors as well!

a bathroom with a tub and a glass shower enclosure


Modern interior design focuses a lot on the aesthetics of bathrooms. If you want a bathroom that is both stunning and relaxing, incorporate glass wherever you can, including custom sliding shower doors with your choice of glass finish, windows, and partitions.

Focus particularly on glass shower doors, as they’re the focal point of any bathroom. They look stunning, are easy to clean, and are resistant to water damage.

Glass Furniture

You can also utilize glass in furniture by installing custom glass tabletops, and using glass surfaces on shelves, cabinets, dressing tables, closets, and TV tables for a sophisticated-looking space.

Staircases and Railings

Make your staircase modern by replacing traditional railing with frameless or framed stair rail glass made up of commercial-grade tempered glass. You can go a step further and even install glass stairs and turn the entire stairway into a breathtaking sight.

Glass Walls

Glass walls are perfect for any room that needs a partition wall including your living room, bedroom, dining room, or kitchen. They are gorgeous and sophisticated and give an illusion of spaciousness as well. The type of glass you choose depends on how much privacy you want and the aesthetic you’re going for.

For example, you can install glass walls outside your home, but you may need to opt for frosted finishing to prevent people from looking inside your home. You can also use them in the kitchen as a backsplash to show off your favorite tea set or plates.

Lighting Solutions

You can use glass lights throughout your home for a spectacular look. Install glass chandeliers, sleek floor lamps, glass pendant lights, and more to enhance your space. After all, lighting impacts your mood, so your lighting solutions should be carefully chosen.

Kitchen Cabinets

Using glass in the kitchen is a great idea to give an elegant feel to the space. To create a modern look, you can incorporate clear, frosted, stained, or textured glass in cabinets and other platforms.

Glass Roof

If you’ve turned your attic into a room, installing a glass roof is the next best thing to do! A skylight or two will allow lots of light inside. If you’re feeling more creative, you can opt for stained or colored glass that’ll instantly make your room prettier and cozier.

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