Managing employee attendance is an important part of running a successful business. Before the introduction of attendance software, registers and excel sheets were used to keep a track of employee’s attendance. This process led to problems like employee errors, time wastage and extra paperwork. 

Now the automated attendance software has eliminated the manual attendance trackers but a new problem has arised. Currently there is an abundance of attendance software in the market and businesses are confused about choosing from a sea of options. 

In this blog we will talk about how you can choose your ideal attendance software, one that suits your business needs. By the end of this blog you will have a perfect idea on which attendance software is best for your organization.

Step 1.

Analyze your business needs 

As a founder who is looking to buy an attendance software you must consider these 4 factors.

  1. Business Size: The size of your organization is one of the most important factors you need to consider before investing in your investment software. If you are a startup with a few employees you can invest in simple and affordable software with few simple features like time tracking system. If you are a large organization or a MNC you need more complex software. The software you use must be customizable and have many different features like real-time reporting and geolocation tracking.
  2. Industry type: Different types of organization have different requirements hence the attendance software they use will also vary. For example a steel factory will need software that is used for tracking attendance and plant productivity. Some factories also work in shifts which should also be taken into consideration before buying the software. On the other hand a software firm must consider tracking the attendance of employees who work from the office as well as of employees that work remotely.
  3. Employee demographics: Employee demographic is also an important factor to consider. For example if you have employees from different countries you will require a software that has a multilingual feature.
  4. Reporting requirement: Before choosing the software, know the purpose of buying one. For example, some businesses install attendance software to track productivity while some use it for payroll purposes. 

Step 2

Consider the software features

Different businesses require different features depending on the type of the business. Here are a few basic features to consider when buying a software. 

  1. Time Tracking: This feature allows employees to punch in and out their working hours and also keeping track of their overtime hours. This feature is also essential for accurate payroll processing.
  2. Scheduling: This feature allows managers to create and assign work schedules to the employees. Some software also have an option for automatic scheduling based on employee availability and workload. 
  3. Leave Management: Employees use this feature to request time offs and leaves and managers can use this to approve or reject these requests.
  4. Integration: This feature allows the attendance software to integrate with other HRMS tools like payroll management software.

Step 3

Review the pricing plan of the attendance software.

The price plan of the attendance software depends on the features they provide, amount of customization and the size of your business. 

  1. Start with determining a budget.
  2. Carefully review the pricing plan as the price of attendance software depends on features and functionalities.
  3. Consider payment options. Some companies prefer one-time payment while others provide options for paying in installments. 
  4. Some software companies also have additional costs, ensure you properly review all the additional costs before investing in the software.
  5. Depending on the size of your organization and employee count you can negotiate for some discounts from the service provider.  


Choosing the best attendance software for your company is an important choice that could affect the productivity and success of your enterprise. Businesses can choose the ideal attendance software that supports their goals by understanding their needs, analysing the software’s capabilities, reviewing pricing and budget, and taking vendor reputation into account.

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