You heard of many inspirational entrepreneur’s journeys. But do you know the triumphant story of  Apoorva Mehta? 

Apoorva Mehta, an Indian who migrated to America,  is the founder of Instacart. Before he started Instacart in 2022, he worked at Amazon as an employee. 

With minimal investment and field knowledge, they started an Instacart clone app based in America and Canada for groceries. In a short duration of time, they have hit their business to $3.4 billion in revenue. 

Fascinating, right? 

If you hear their current market value, you will be inspired. 

  • The platform has gained 10 million users. 
  • They have partnered with 750 grocery companies and there are over 600,000 shoppers on the platform.
  • It has generated $3.5 billion in revenue in 2023. 

Do you want to build your delivery platform like Instacart and inspire others like Apoorva Mehta?

Read the blog to find an introduction to Instacart and information on the Instacart clone.

What Factors Contribute To The Widespread Popularity Of Instacart Clone?

Instacart clone app is a ready-to-go grocery delivery platform with the same interface as the original app. Users can purchase groceries, by choosing the store and payment option. The admin who manages the entire operation streamlines the workflow of users and providers. 

The platform follows lucrative features and unique factors, which make it run smoothly and succeed in the market. 

  • The tracking feature helps users and providers track their status easily. The platform lets users know each group of providers.
  • As it is a pre-built platform, the cost to develop an Instacart clone is less compared to the custom app development. 
  • Another feature to be noted is that users can schedule their picking time according to their convenience.
  • The development time is less with clone app development. You are adding new features and functionalities only as it comes packed. 
  • An in-built messaging app is a helping feature that allows users to communicate with shopkeepers and providers. 
  • The supply chain management in the Instacart app is more efficient than the traditional method. As it takes less manual work, the delivery process and managing orders are easy. 
  • The platform keeps the customers visiting often with its fruitful features and functionalities. 

The Workflow Of Instacart Clone App

Navigation is an important thing for app success. Users should feel easy to use without any lacking. Take a look at the flow!

  • Users and providers log into the platform, using social media accounts or personal phone numbers. 
  • They choose groceries with the help of the advanced search filter. 
  • Once they end the shopping, they move to the payment option. They can pay using any of the payment options.
  • Providers receive notification of their destination for delivery.
  • After users receive the groceries, the delivery gets done.

Business Model Of The Instacart App 

There are many business models in the delivery business. You can personalize the platform to meet the business requirements. 

Inventory Model

An inventory business model is a type of model that holds and manages a physical inventory of products. Users come to the platform and pick groceries that are available on it. And the product is delivered to their home.

Without any confusion and problems, they can purchase. It is like a super organized way to shop where everything you might want is ready for you to pick and have delivered.

Shopping Model

Supermarket stores use this type of platform. They use it not to earn through it but to provide a convenient and cost-effective experience for customers. This model is similar to how you go to the online store. 

Users can pick up their groceries and they can pay how much they are willing to. Then the instacart delivery platform streamlines the delivery process. Users don’t worry about anything. They just choose items and the platform delivers to their address.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Model

The multi-vendor marketplace model is a type of model that connects multi-stores on the platform. Users can buy their items wherever they want and everything is delivered to their address. 

It is like having your shopping delivered according to your plans, so you can enjoy shopping without any hassle. 

There are many business models but I have included major models that are flourishing in the present day.

Revenue Model Of Instacart Clone App

The platform can only run further if it can generate revenue higher than they have invested. Let’s see what Instacart clone follows!

Delivery Fee

Users pay a separate fee for delivery. The platform takes the fees and shares them with delivery partners. The delivery charge is fixed based on the location. The platform uses the fee for the delivery management system and others.

Membership Fee

The platform provides annual membership to customers who want to use exclusive features and special services. They can access the service, paying $99 per year. With the membership, they can get advanced features and offers. 

Markup Prices

Some delivery businesses follow this revenue model. It allows users to sell their products with a margin of 15% on each product available in their store. With this model, they can increase their revenue base. 

Commission Fee From Vendors

The most popular revenue model in the on-demand platform is the commission fee. When a grocery store makes a booking, they share half the amount with the platform. As a platform owner, you can fix the commission fee. 

The Development Steps For Instacart Clone App

Many think developing an app is a complex thing but it is not. Let’s look at the simple steps to follow for the Instacart clone app development.

Idea And Planning

Before you start, you should have a clear plan and ideas. When you have a template for the further steps, you can continue without breaking in between.

Start with the market value, analyzing their position in the global economy. If you don’t have a clue where to go, analyze your competitors. You can start your business following the footsteps of your competitors.

Choose Design And Tech-Stack

When you know the footsteps, the next move is to select the design and technology that you need for your idea. 

Since the platform’s interface is a key to success, wisely choose the designs. Once you are final with designs for your grocery delivery business, you can succeed easily. 

Select Revenue Model

We have discussed revenue mode above the blog. The major revenue models are delivery fees, commission from vendors, markup price, and membership fees. 

If you want to include an extra new model, you can add it as it is a scalable platform. With the unique revenue model, be at the top of the market.


Now, you have developed your platform with your preferred features and functionalities. Before the launch, your platform undergoes a testing process to check whether it is bug-free and error-free. 


The final step is launching. With the proper testing and development process, your platform is ready to see your target audience. With effective marketing, you can derive your target audience at the launching stage. 

Concluding Note,

Hope! The blog helps you understand the Grocery delivery script. A recap of what we have seen: What is the Instacart clone app, what factors make it popular, what workflow of it, revenue model, and development guide? 

Still,  we have to see cost-effectiveness. If you want to know the cost value of developing the Instacart clone app, read our other blogs.