The closet is surely not the focal point of your bedroom; however, that does not mean it is not important. In fact, the case is the opposite. Notably, a well-designed bedroom closet is the foundation of a practical and organized bedroom. Hence, there is no reason for you to delay your bedroom closet renovation.

There are a few things that are integral to having a well-designed bedroom closet, including:

The amount of space you will be working with.

What things do you have to store there?

How much budget do you have?

Whatever the case may be, old closet renovation is a great opportunity to transform an inadequate or basic closet into a fortress of efficiency, functionality, and style. If your house improvement goals for the new year consist of renovating your bedroom closet, this guide will be of great help in getting everything on the right track. Let’s delve into some great tips for renovating a closet.

1.     Create a Plan

The first step of bedroom closet renovation is mapping out a plan. Although weaving a bit of flexibility into your plan does not seem to be a bad idea, it is suggested to make a plan and stick to it. Importantly, your plan must address the four important facets of closet renovation, which are:

  • Cost
  • Material
  • Space
  • Design or layout

2.     Determine a Budget

Determining your budget is also important when it comes to renovating your bedroom closet. The budget will dictate a lot of things regarding the project, including the material you pick and whether you will be hiring a professional installer or doing everything on your own.

3.     Measure Your Bedroom Closet

Obviously, you will be required to know the size of the closet before you can start your bedroom closet renovation. This will help you make better decisions about the storage components and layout of the closet. Measuring a basic reach-in closet tends to be easier to measure as compared to a walk-in closet. Despite the type of closet to be renovated, you will be required to know the height, depth, and width of the complete space.

Furthermore, if you plan on working with a closet renovation or design company, they will be measuring the closet themselves.

4.     Choose the Materials and Closet System

Melamine vs. wire vs. mishmash of materials vs custom millwork? Professional designer vs closet specialist vs DIY? The answers to all of these questions mainly depend on the kind of budget you have. The options are so many and you can go for various closet renovation ideas while keeping in mind your budget.

5.     Design Your Bedroom Closet

Here comes the most important part of bedroom closet renovation. This part may require you to do a lot of brainstorming; however, it is surely very fun. Now, you can decide what kind of features you want to add to your closet and what kind of color you want it to be. Once, this part is done, you will be all set to use your new, renovated, and better-functioning bedroom closet.