Do you know military styles and designs significantly influence the men’s fashion world? Chances are good that you have spotted many men in the crowd wearing military-inspired clothing—maybe a cap or a t-shirt. That’s because fashion trends inspired by military styles have been in demand for years. And believe it or not, they create an ultimate fashion statement and leave a lasting impression. We have mentioned in this post how military-style clothing stands out and what pieces of clothing men should add to their wardrobes.

Military-inspired clothing isn’t merely a trend that comes and goes but stays fresh forever, regardless of the season. Men of all ages wear t-shirts, shirts, shorts, hoodies, jackets, caps, and other clothing pieces with camouflaged prints and make a statement. Many men even sense pride when they wear attire inspired by military style, gaining instant confidence, which is most needed in the fashion world.

Camouflage prints are the most popular elements in military-inspired clothing. The print, which has been popular since the first World War, adds depth to any outfit or accessory. Different shades of colors also add a touch of versatility to camouflage prints, making them hard to miss even in the crowd. Men can choose either simple shades of grey or go for earthy tones when choosing camouflage prints for their outfits to communicate their edgy street style or show their support of the military.

Olive and green are staples in military-inspired men’s clothes. Though these colors blend soldiers well with their surroundings, they make men in the streets stand out in the crowd. The colors’ dominant presence makes heads turn in the direction, gaining attention and appreciation. And the best thing about the combination of green and olive is it looks flattering on all skin tones.

If you want military-inspired clothing to be a part of your closet, here are a few pieces you must add:

T-shirts – Military-style t-shirts don’t necessarily have camouflage prints but graphics with bold messages. Most men prefer pairing black, brown, khaki, green, and other dark-colored shirts with denim. They are ideal for casual days with friends. However, many also wear them to the gym, as quotes on their tees inspire them to stay fit and in shape.

Jackets – After t-shirts, jackets are in-demand military-inspired clothes in men’s wardrobes. Although men wear jackets with camouflage prints in winter, they also prefer to carry them in summer to remain warm and cozy when temperatures fall at night. Styling military-inspired jackets isn’t a challenge, as you can pull off the look by adding a simple tee and denim.

Caps – Many men prefer to keep things simple when it comes to following a fashion trend. If that’s the purpose, wearing an accessory, like a cap, with camouflage prints is an excellent way to add a touch of pride and sophistication without creating an overwhelming military look.

Military-inspired clothing makes you look rogue and ready for battle. If you want your wardrobe to have a few clothing pieces that make you stand out from the crowd, shop for outfits influenced by military styles now!