After a long, hard day, it’s so nice to dive into a sea of blankets. When I’m about to go to sleep, I could not have too many soft blankets on my bed. The number of blankets on my bed never goes below four. During the winter, I am almost drowning in fabric. I have wool blankets, my cotton sheet set, my favorite fleece blankets, woven blankets, and more. That’s how I like it. Some people might think that’s too much going on. On the other hand, I find it to be very cosy. There’s nothing better than getting under a big pile of American blankets. This kind of comfort is what I live for!

I know of a great website to buy fleece blankets and sheet sets. It makes me buy new blankets so fast that I can’t even use them to sleep. Not that it makes a difference. We need a lot of extra blankets because we have a lot of people over to our big house. Even more so when you think about how much damage my blanket and throw addiction already does to our family’s blanket supply. We love having people stay with us and want them to feel like they had a good time. For a guy like me comfort equals blankets.

I’ve always been kind of crazy about blankets in some ways. When I was young, I was a lot like Linus. I would put a woven blanket over my shoulder and walk around the house and then the neighborhood with it. Since then, I’m not as attached to a single woven blanket or even a single type of fabric. I’ll buy a blanket that looks or looks like almost anything. When it comes to blankets, I’ll try anything once. When you look for blankets for sale online, they seem so cheap that they aren’t even close to as expensive as they used to be in the cheapest stores.

I wish I had enough soft blankets to cover the whole world. That’s what I think a perfect planet would be like. Everyone is warm and comfortable, ready to drift off into their own dream worlds as they are cradled in soft cotton or fleece. Doesn’t that look like a better world to you? Instead of anger and hate, we should have fleece blankets. Instead of war and violence, they could have a cotton sheet set. Some people might call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.