The domme which means a lord or ruler, has a feminine counterpart called dominatrix. This reminds of a role-play where there is a dominator and a submissive. It is not necessary for the dominator to just do bodily or sexual pain to the submissive. It could also entail performing things that are demeaning to others verbally. The dominatrix and the submissive may have romantic or professional partners.

We spend a lot of effort into maintaining a flawless reputation among kinky professionals and our client. We take great pride in being able to give people who are looking for real and authentic play with a true knowledge of the importance of kink therapeutic experiences. This pro domme nyc duty is one that our diverse, skilled, and powerful legion of kickass take very seriously.

Sessions are always conducted in a safe, confidential environment where we have access to a variety of tools. When you contact Us, be sure to include your name, age, kinks, availability, and the name of the Domme(s) you are interested in. As soon as feasible, appointments should be scheduled with at least two hours’ notice.

We kindly invite you to come explore your most alluring fantasies and ravenous appetites with us without any fear or judgment

Under no circumstances should you request any kind of sexual services. We, as Professionals, are only interested in real submissives and fetishists, and we want nothing less than the utmost respect in return. Time wasters and customers who don’t understand these terms will be ignored.

Allow Us to take charge and guide you through experiences in anguish, ecstasy, and ultimate subspace that are driven by endorphins and adrenaline.

The profession is practiced by women who operate as professionals in services. These company’s female employees engage in sexual actions with customers of various sexes in exchange for high-end financial rewards.