Patra Kidwell is a strong empath, an international speaker, a brave mother, grandmother, and wife, and her religious awakening has given her the skills and knowledge to write insightful books about spirituality and divine guidance on her brand Return of Garden. With the help of sacred Bible passages, Patra stresses the importance of religious and spiritual growth. Her books have helped a lot of people on their own inner journeys.

About the Author
Patra Kidwell has a Ph.D. in philosophy and is a great mom and grandma to some really great kids. Patra Kidwell is an inventor of her brand “Return of Garden” and a motivator at heart. She wants to give people from all walks of life a unique look into the spiritual and divine world. Through her books, she tells how this path of religious enlightenment can lead us out of the world’s darkest places and tries to show how important it is to think about ourselves. Her love of prayer and desire to get people moving led her to inspire millions of people all over the world and help them find their way to God. Patra also thinks that counselling, coaching, and mentoring are good ways to help people find a higher purpose in life.

I Married My Personal Chef
This book uses the Bible and the teachings of our Lord Jesus to show how self-reflection and self-introspection can help us find wonderful guidance. I Married My Personal Chef is a beautiful story about the power of hope and how important it is to follow God’s lead in a dark world. Find out about yourself by going on a spiritual awakening journey, and strengthen your faith with this enlightening book:

Living In the Kingdom of Man
This book will lead you to the Christian faith if you are looking for God and want to learn more about Jesus and the Bible. It is very well written and has a subtle but deep message about the way people are and how that connects us to the Lord and lets us talk to Him.