A department of Transportation (DOT) examination must be performed through a certified “health worker” at the Federal Motor service protection administration (FMCSA) country-wide Registry. The term includes, but isn’t always limited to, medical doctors of drugs (MD), doctors of Osteopathy (DO), doctor Assistants (PA), advanced exercise Nurses (APN), and docs of Chiropractic (DC).

A medical DOT exam is valid for most of 24 months. The medical expert may additionally have difficulty with a declaration from a health worker younger than 24 months when it’s far applicable to reveal a condition along with high blood pressure.

A department of Transportation (DOT) is a scientific exam required for individuals who power industrial automobiles. A DOT scientific exam’s motive is to ensure that those who power a business enterprise car are physically, mentally, and emotionally matched. The Federal Motor carrier protection administration (FMCSA) requires them for public protection.


Who Needs a DOT Medical Exam?

You need a DOT medical exam if you:
• force an automobile designed to hold more than 15 humans.
• receives a commission to force an automobile designed to carry more than eight humans.
• delivery of risky substances in your automobile for which your vehicle ought to have a cupboard.
• power a car on the highway with a gross combined weight, gross automobile weight, or blended gross weight of greater than 10,000 kilos.

What is a DOT Medical Exam?

The healthcare provider undertaking your DOT scientific exam will ask you specific questions about your scientific history, the over-the-counter with the:

• if you have ever had a surgical operation
• Any medicines you’re taking, such as prescription and 2f2874cf80c036e5b52269eaf5ddfe83 medicines
• Any fitness issues you have had
• in case you use tobacco, alcohol, or illegal materials
• when you have ever failed a drug test
• when you have ever been addicted to an unlawful substance
• Any signs and symptoms you are currently experiencing
you will have a practical bodily examination where you may be checked for:
• height
• Lester
• Arterial pressure
• vision
• To Belong
• widespread look
• pores and skin
• Eyes
• Ears
• Mouth and throat
• coronary heart
• Lungs and chest
• belly
• lower back and backbone
• Genital and urinary tract, inclusive of over-the-counter hernia research
• Ends and Connections
• fearful gadget, consisting of your reflexes
• Gait, i.e. over-the-counter manner you stroll
• Circulatory system, ie your arteries, veins, and lymphatic machine

You’ll additionally want to have a urinalysis to check protein, blood, sugar, and specific gravity. these tests can tell your medical doctor if you need additional checks to check for other scientific issues. you may also need to have other exams if your medical doctor thinks over-the-counteroverover the counter essential.
You may additionally want to take a sleep apnea test when you have symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, a condition in which you forestall respiratory often over the counter while you sleep. signs and symptoms of sleep apnea may also consist of:

• Extreme loud night breathing
• Out of breath over-the-counter duration of sleep
• Dry mouth or sore throat over the counter morning
• Morning headache
• Daylight hours of sleepiness

How Can You Get a DOT Medical Exam?

The DOT physical exam can handiest be accomplished by way of FMCSA-certified healthcare experts. you can search for an identified medical expert here. licensed medical examiners can be:
• Physicians of medication (MD)
• Docs Osteopathy (DO)
• Scientific Assistants (PA)
• Docs of Chiropractor (DC)
• Superior exercise Nurses (APN)

How Do You Prepare for a DOT Medical Exam?

You can take the driving force portion of the examination at domestic in case you need to store the time on the day of the physical examination. You must additionally carry:

• A list of all of the names and addresses of your medical doctors
• A listing of all of your medicines, consisting of dosage
• Your glasses, contacts, or hearing aids, if you use them
• a top-level view of your most current blood sugar and Hgb A1C measurements if you have diabetes
• A report of your CPAP device of right use for at least 90 days when you have sleep apnea
• A letter from your cardiologist declaring that it’s miles secure if you want to have a DOT medical exam if you have coronary heart problems
• effects of the latest coronary heart tests, if you’ve had any
• A letter from your neurologist if you have had a stroke, brain tumor, seizure disorder, or mind hemorrhage
• A letter and scientific document from your

What Conditions Disqualify You From Getting a DOT Card?

Conditions that can disqualify you from passing a DOT scientific exam include people who intervene and your capacity to force adequately. If something affects your hearing or is imaginative and prescient, it can cause you to have an accident. Furthermore, you might be secure to power when you have a condition that could motivate you to lose cognizance or grow dizzy. Such situations can encompass:

• Of-control or risky coronary heart situations
• Epilepsy or seizure problems
• Meniere’s sickness, an internal ear ailment that reasons dizziness
• Out of-control diabetes
• Uncontrolled high blood strain
• Imaginative and prescient loss that can not be corrected
• listening to loss that can’t be corrected
• Use of marijuana, even if prescribed
• Use of unlawful materials
• Use of oxygen therapy
• A few respiration conditions
• Protein inside the urine, which may additionally imply kidney sickness

some of those conditions will be left up to the health worker’s judgment as to whether or not to qualify you or no longer. you may be able to get an exemption or waiver from the FMCSA for sure situations. every so often you will be disqualified until you deliver a medical condition under control. if you can remedy a disqualifying condition, you can reapply for certification.