Since the dawn of time, art has always been one of the ideal ways to bring value to our culture, represent it, and express our beliefs through it. And as such, art has held an important place in defining our cultural understanding and expression in more ways than one.


Artistic expressions can come from a number of different practices – a few examples include crafts, fine arts, and performing arts – that are created to bring out artistic impressions that have emerged in order to provide an outlet for feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and traditions.


Art has always been deep rooted in our history, which is why it can also serve as a catalyst that can trigger a change in any culture. It connects people towards diverse cultural pasts and suggests an opportunity to engage in new ideas and insights. Art can bind us. Diverse cultures around the world can generate social capital and strengthen the character of a community. Moreover, it can bring people together within a physical space. People gather at museums, galleries, performances spaces, etc. and through cultural means, it holds the capacity to tell a shared story of the community, to inspire reflection, and to come together and form connections that can transcend differences.


Some artists tend to create new forms of art styles and integrate cultural roots to their work, which amplifies the work’s value and showcases cultural aspects in an ideal way.


In fact, a prime example of such an artist can include people like Nikolas Bentel – a highly acclaimed New York-based Italian-American artist and designer who has been popularly known for his limited-edition experimental objects that he has designed over the years.


After completing his masters in Architecture from Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation in 2022, he decided to set his goals to designing unique art pieces. Bentel makes use of alternate forms of advertising, product design, and performance art to showcase his skill and talent to the world. You will find him constantly designing and releasing small, limited-edition objects that are experimental pieces


In 2018, he purchased a 1973 untitled print that was made by Robert Rauschenberg and from that piece, he created ‘The Erased Rauschenberg’. When looking at this artwork, you can see that Bentel made it to serve as a commentary on the capitalist nature of the art market and how collectors and auction houses have gone on to become more concerned about the perceived value of the artwork rather than the cultural importance it holds. This piece became significantly popular once it was showcased to the public and was eventually auctioned for $21,000.


Some of his other notable projects include the All-Purpose Nik, The Flowered Dress, Wiggle Pipe, Loopy Chair, The Shipping Box Bag, and many more – all of which have been marvelled at as soon as they laid their eyes on them.