Advanced techniques taught in share trading courses can be valuable, but whether they are worth it depends on various factors, including your level of experience, financial goals, and commitment to learning. Here are some considerations to help you decide:

Prior Knowledge and Experience:

If you are a complete novice to share trading, it’s advisable to start with basic courses to build a strong foundation.

Advanced techniques may be overwhelming if you lack the fundamental understanding of stock markets, trading platforms, and risk management.

Financial Goals:

Consider your financial objectives. Are you looking for short-term gains through day trading or long-term investments for retirement? Your goals will influence whether advanced techniques are relevant to you.

Risk Tolerance:

Advanced trading techniques often involve higher risks. Make sure you have a risk management strategy in place before diving into advanced methods.

Time Commitment:

Advanced techniques may require more time and effort for research, analysis, and trading. Do you have the time to commit to this level of trading?

Course Quality:

Not all trading courses are created equal. Research the course, its content, and the reputation of the institution or instructor. Ensure they have a track record of successful trading.


Consider the cost of the course. Weigh it against the potential returns and your overall trading budget.

Market Conditions:

Different techniques work better in various market conditions. The market is constantly changing, so what is advanced today may not be as effective tomorrow.


Diversifying your knowledge and skills can be beneficial. Even if you choose to learn advanced techniques, it’s wise to have a solid understanding of basic strategies as well.

Paper Trading:

Consider starting with paper trading (simulated trading with no real money) to practice advanced techniques and build confidence before risking real capital.

Support and Community:

Look for courses that offer ongoing support, access to a community of traders, or mentorship. These resources can be invaluable for applying advanced techniques effectively.

In summary, advanced share trading techniques can be worthwhile for individuals who have a strong foundation in trading, a clear understanding of their financial goals, and a willingness to invest time and effort in learning and practicing these techniques. It’s essential to be cautious, manage risk, and avoid the common pitfalls of overconfidence and impulsivity that can come with advanced trading strategies. Always consider your personal circumstances and seek professional advice if needed before pursuing advanced trading techniques.